Fallingwater: an architectural shrine surrounded by nature

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allingwater is a legendary and much celebrated house and so famous, even Lego sells a replica model kit. And since it was completed in 1939, Fallingwater, by architect Frank Lloyd Wright, has never stopped to intrigue and amaze us.

For starters, Fallingwater is a true masterpiece of organic architecture, which simply means it was designed to be at one with nature. And how could this go unnoticed! In fact, with its cantilevered floors and walls in local stone set in reinforced concrete, Fallingwater looks like it has always been there, around Bear Run river, just outside Pittsburgh PA.

However, a photograph cannot nearly be enough: Fallingwater is definitely worth stopping for on your next trip to the USA, even if you have to make a slight detour. In fact, this is only how'll learn about the fascinating history behind its construction and relevant anecdotes, linked to the exuberant nature of its architect. And it’s also the only way to fully enjoy the beautiful interior, of possibly one of the most famous houses in modern architecture.  

Just imagine, admiring waterfalls cascading from the terrace and getting to the river via different staircases, which lead down directly from the living room. And imagine seeing with your own eyes the ideal and architectural heart of this home: a fireplace, constructed on a rock, majestically protruding from the bottom floor and which Frank Lloyd Wright purposely left bare. All this, surrounded by pale-coloured stone, which seamlessly blends in with autumnal colours of soft furnishings and timber-framed furniture.

Fallingwater is everyone’s dream house; this is the ultimate sanctuary. What's more, the Kaufmann family, original clients and owners, entrusted the running of this estate to the same body, which safeguards Pennsylvanian wildlife and parks. This is the body which also organizes guided tours around the property. And at least once in your lifetime, you'll be in a true architectural shrine, as well as being surrounded by the luscious landscape of the Appalachian mountains. 


1491 Mill Run Rd, Mill Run,
PA 15464, USA

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