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Fondazione Feltrinelli, Milan - Italy

| Designbest editorial staff


glass building with a high pitched roof; this is the spectacular Fondazione Feltrinelli, which opened its doors for the first time on the 13th December in the Porta Volta district in Milan. And, with Christmas around the corner, Fondazione Feltrinelli by architects Herzog & de Meuron is a welcomed addition to the architectural landscape of the city. This multifunctional building houses the foundation’s headquarters, a bookstore with coffee shop, the offices of Microsoft and a large reading room which overlooks the city.

A modern take on the historic architecture of the city of Milan, It took 7 years for the project to be finished (the construction lasted 2 years alone). As architect Jacques Herzog states: ”Something traditional yet modern that combines simplicity with amazement”.

So, it’s no surprise that the outcome is of great visual impact. From the moment you step inside, the space feels like an intimate oasis which, at the same time, dialogues with its surroundings: the warm feel of the timber floor is paired up with refined contemporary pieces by Unifor – Molteni Group and armchairs by Vitra. The library and coffee bar are on the ground floor, while the lower floors house the foundation’s archives with over 200.000 volumes, 17.500 periodic collections and around one million and a half manuscripts. What’s more, there’s a multipurpose hall on the top floor, with a large reading room with an impressive-looking bookshelf by Unifor, which fills the volume of the pitch roof and reminds us of Jorge Luis Borges’s “infinite library”.

The Fondazione Feltrinelli is a cultural hub for educational and research purposes, a space where culture thrives, is celebrated and is accessible to all. With many different activities to choose from (exhibitions, live concerts, workshops and readings) the Fondazione Feltrinelli is other great opportunity to rejoice in Christmas and the New Year!


Where: Fondazione Feltrinelli, via Alessandro Volta 23, Milan, Italy


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