Hotel Andaz: the soul of Amsterdam through the eyes of Marcel Wanders

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hen a designer the calibre of Marcel Wanders, designs the interior of a hotel for the prestigious Hyatt chain, this results in the captivating Andaz hotel of Amsterdam. Right in the city centre, surrounded by a picturesque web of canals, facing “ Prince’s canal” to be more precise, there’s a building with a restrained Scandinavian appeal watching over colourful unrestrained multifaceted interiors. In a manner of speaking, the Andaz hotel mirrors the image of its host city.

When interviewed about this project, Marcel Wanders explained that he wasn’t looking for a uniformed concept, on the contrary, he wanted this to be “a live chaos”. In fact, through unexpected tools, the language of design can describe different cultural truths. This is how the hotel interior pays tribute to a city celebrated for its freedom, tolerance and culture.

Freedom is in the unrestrained combination of colours, shapes and styles; this forms a humorous con-fusion. Similarly to the city of Amsterdam, its nature is conferred by the cheerful coexistence of a thousand different souls. 

Tolerance goes hand in hand with freedom: opposites form an unexpected peaceful cultural synthesis. This is why unusual, but otherwise harmonious, images are prominent on bedroom walls: half fish and half mirror, vase, spoon...

This city has always been a home for culture and even when censorship was rampant in the rest of Europe, in Amsterdam there was an ongoing revolution of thought. The Andaz hotel is in the old headquarters of the public library. Books, seen around the building, embody this legacy in either their pure or abstract form. This is the case of illustrated pages, which, like a never-ending manuscript, decorate most of the walls, from the entrance hall to the bedrooms.

We now turn to demanding travellers and design buffs: while visiting Amsterdam, try seeing what happens when the soul of a city seeps through the interior of a building and can be found in every corner of a space as vibrant as the Andaz hotel. 


Prinsengracht 587, 1016 HT
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Tel: +31 20 523 1234


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