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Hotel Tierra Patagonia: design from the end of the world

| Designbest editorial staff


atagonia is the land of open scenery, ancient glaciers, breathtaking lakes...and design! Yes that’s right. Maybe you wouldn’t expect this, but at the end of the world, in the Torres del Paine National Park, in the Chilean province of Última Esperanza, you can stay at a magnificent boutique hotel: Tierra Patagonia.

Architect Cazu Zegers compares Tierra Patagonia to the fossil of a large prehistoric animal, which long time ago got beached on the shores of the Sarmiento lake. It’s a perfect reference, as it expresses the vast scale of this organic, yet discrete, structure. Tierra Patagonia lives in complete harmony with its surrounding landscape, of which it’s the undisputed master.

Elevations and interior echo with a certain Scandinavian minimalism and true to form, employ timber for structural frame, thermal insulation and to produce a cosy feel. What’s more, all the timber used is locally sourced: lenga wood, also known as Patagonian cherry.

Generally, a person goes to a wild region to purposely loose himself and to measure the vastness of nature. And if when the adventure is over, you come back to Tierra Patagonia, you’ll be in an intimate space. A space which seamlessly blends with its surroundings, not breaking up visual links with the outdoors. You are bound to rediscover as certain warmth, be it in the restaurant, sat at large tables, or in the bright lobby, sinking into comfy seats. You can even rest on king size beds and rejuvenate in a spa. Most importantly, you can do all this without ever losing sight of both lake and the mountains, which you can see at all times through windows and glass facade.

And all we can say now to both adventure and design lovers is: “Welcome to the Hotel Patagonia!”.


On the edge of the Torres del Paine National Park, 
Torres de Paine, Cile
Tel:+56 2 2207 8861

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