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| Designbest editorial staff


n the southern tip of India in Kerala, under a boundless sky and among lush hills, Prakriti Shakti resort resides: a piece of heaven on Earth where one can leave it all behind and find harmony with oneself and nature.

This magical place, far from the hustle and bustle of modern civilization, focuses on the regeneration of vital energy of our health through naturopathy: a combination of alternative medical practices that includes treatments for mental, physical, social and spiritual wellness. The therapists here combine elements of nature with yoga and meditation, organize discussions and invite participants in the preparation of meals with local chefs.

The architecture and its furniture are part of the resort’s concept. The cottages’ nineteen guestrooms leave one at peace and reflect the brilliance of the enchanting and moving landscape of the Panchalimedu area.
Living in these cottages is like finding shelter in the reassuring embrace of nature (which beckons from the panoramic balconies). The rooms are spacious and the furniture made from natural materials. In the bathrooms, the large wooden consoles with basins and Vero washstands by Duravit increase the sense of wellness.

If we want to isolate ourselves from the world and be immersed in the beauty of creation, we know where we can go. Awaiting us is a golden dawn emerging just beyond the ripples in the swimming pool water…

Where: Prakriti Shakti Resort, Panchalimedu, Kerala, India
Photos: Courtesy Duravit 

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