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Living Divani Gallery

| Designbest editorial staff


t is neither showroom nor a store”, begins Piero Lissoni as he introduces the Living Divani Gallery, a new space that will be inaugurated by the brand in the heart of Milan on September 12, 2020.

Straddling Corso Monforte and Visconti di Modrone, Living Divani’s new Milanese outpost is an almost dreamlike space, an abstract theatre ready to amaze us with spectacular works in progress. It’s not your average showroom, but an original and stunning vision of the brand interpreted by art director Piero Lissoni.

“We’ve been looking for some time for a space in Milan that could represent what Living Divani actually is” explains Carola Bestetti, the brand’s head of marketing communication and part of its second generation. “Through this place we would like to tell the thousand facets of our iconic, essential and sophisticated design, inviting our audience to live the Living Divani style.”


living divani

Living Divani Gallery


In fact, there is already close communication between the new Milan location and the brand’s historical site in Anzano del Parco (in the province of Como). The showroom’s role is to work as a link to the Living Divani world, where all of the collections get broadly expanded. In this way the two spaces, both designed by Piero Lissoni, work in synergy for the client and public.

Living Divani’s philosophy can be seen in its strong soul, clean lines, austere forms and relaxed elegance. These aspects are fully reflected in the new space’s setup, where the Carbon Frog seating in hi-tech carbon fiber with a polyester interweave variant (an evolution of the model designed by Piero Lissoni in 1995) gets suspended to create a vaporous trace moving in the space that offers us ever-changing impressions from different angles. Framing it all, there couldn’t help but be corrugated sheet metal that acts as a true theatrical backdrop, alternated with neon lights that dematerialize the borders and get refracted onto the glossy corrugated metal flooring.

It is a true statement of purity, an ode to a more sober and stripped-down beauty. Today the absolute highlight of the space is Frog; and, indeed, furnishing the space there is only the Notes table by Massimo Mariani with a transparent glass top that, along with the pure white Maja D armchairs, seem to vanish in the ether that surrounds it. However, as Piero Lissoni suggests “soon enough the scenography will change to show something different. It is a theatrical stage where we will interpret Living Divani.”

And a place where each of us can imagine and dream of our own personal domestic scenography.

Where: Living Divani Gallery, corso Monforte 20, Milan, Italy



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