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| Designbest editorial staff


econds away from Milan’s central station, where one goes from a large sterile boulevard to a maze of streets with ethnic restaurants and ambiguous hotels, was there really once an enormous abandoned textile warehouse?  Well yes, and it was discovered by Enrico Croatti—the chef who has lit up many kitchens with stars (the list is long, Bocuse in Lyon, just to name one). In this old industrial depot, he wanted to create a new concept restaurant, one that was versatile and shapeshifting; an haute-cuisine gastronomic osteria with a creative cocktail bar and multiethnic tapas bistrot: Moebius. 


Quietly opened during the summer, Moebius comes with an urban beat that gets translated into a resounding ‘wow’. A huge surprise for those of us who arrive in this typical street (at least for now,) in the Milan of towering skyscrapers, and see an old one-story building. Once you cross its threshold, you find a simply majestic space. At the entrance there is a huge “library” of liqueurs that opens onto 700 m2 industrial space with 12-meter high ceilings and brick walls, cement structures and subtle iron and glass windows softened by vintage furniture in the sitting areas and by a giant central social table in hardwood (fit for 26 people).


A large, genuinely informal and welcoming space, somewhere one can settle down with a good cup of coffee, book or laptop. None of this comes by chase, because in the versatile concept desired by the chef with founder Lorenzo Querci, and designed by Florence’s Studio Q-bic, there is room to read, study or listen to live music, in addition to the gastronomic area and small record store.
Hanging four meters in the air in the center of the space, a glass spaceship, a  sort of aquarium for 30 refined palates, enclosing the most exclusive area of Moebius: the Osteria Gastronomica, the undisputed kingdom of Enrico Croatti, who in his stargazing vision wanted to dedicate the restaurant to Moebius: the pseudonym of Jean Giraud, one of the greatest comic book artists of the last century, creator of worlds between fantasy and science-fiction not so far from our own.

In the Milan that never ceases to amaze, Moebius is a new and different meeting place, a shared space where cuisine, music and hospitality come together in an inextricable bond that has everything it takes to become something more than just the next hotspot of Milanese nightlife.

Where: Via Cappellini 25, Milan. MM Central Station and Repubblica.
Hours Cocktail Bar and Tapas Bistrot: every day from 6:00 p.m.
Hours Osteria Gastronomica: from Tuesday to Saturday 8:00 p.m. – 10:30 p.m. 


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