Nhow Hotel: where Karim Rashid meets the spirit of Berlin

| Designbest editorial staff


how Berlin, part of the NH chain, is much more than your normal luxury hotel: it’s one of the coolest places in town. Design, music and art come together in this huge post-industrial and futuristic building, which sits opposite the river Spree.

Interiors are designed by none other than Karim Rashid, the world-class designer who isn’t at all afraid to use colour and bold shapes. And you’ll be aware of this as soon as you set foot inside: the reception desk is a large fluid sculpture in ultra-gloss shocking pink glass-fibre. Pink, Karim’s favourite colour, is all over the place, be it the communal areas or the bedrooms, paired up with other colours, at times shinier or darker, as well as optical graphics on walls and floors in recycled laminate. Without a doubt, design buffs will spot Karim’s work everywhere, and for those who aren’t acquainted with it, it’ll be a joy to learn about his ultra-pop universe.

At Nhow, the interior reflects a certain dynamic soul, that zeitgeist which makes Berlin such a unique place. However, the experience isn’t over yet. In fact, aside from luxurious bedrooms, you’ll find an area which can be hired for events and conferences, a bright restaurant with views of the river, a lounge-bar where you can while away an evening, a space for concerts and DJ sets, a recording studio and a contemporary art gallery for pop-up exhibitions. And if you still don’t think, this is the perfect hotel for musicians and artists, you should know that all guests can ask, at any time and free of charge, for an electric guitar with amplifier and headphones, a keyboard or for all you electronic music fans out there, a compact DJ console.  

So, designers, musicians and those who like living it large, don’t hold back, if Berlin is where you like to hang out, then Nhow is where you should be.



Stralauer Allee 3
10245 - Berlin
+49 (0)30 290 299 0


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