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Palazzo Litta Cultura - Milano

| Designbest editorial staff


conic period home in the heart of Milan, Palazzo Litta has been turned into a real cultural centre. In fact, open to the public from October, the new multidisciplinary space Palazzo Litta Cultura is set to put on a wide range of events from a variety of different fields that include: art, design, photography, cinema, music, theatre and dance.

Palazzo Litta Cultura was promoted by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism’s regional representative for Lombardy (MiBACT) and MoscaPartners with the support of the Municipality of Milan. In fact, this project was started from a close partnership between the public and the private sector, involving some of the top cultural establishments of the city of Milan.

This collective project, as the people behind it like to call it, is based on constant interaction between a variety of different fields and cultural backgrounds, offering to the public a real interdisciplinary experience. Many different exhibitions have already been planned, and they will be organized in modular units overseen by Michele De Lucchi: first and foremost, The Yokohama Project 1867-2017, followed by two days on Pier Paolo Pasolini entitled Pier Paolo Pasolini: Lezioni di Creatività and Come un cane senza padrone, and a series of concerts and photographic exhibitions overseen by JAZZMI.

We definitely urge you to keep an eye out for the upcoming calendar of events: emerging talents, creativity and innovation will all be from the first of October at the Palazzo Litta Cultura.


Where: Palazzo Litta, 24 corso Magenta, Milan, Italy


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