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Peck - Forte dei Marmi (Italy)

| Designbest editorial staff


eck is a name we all know, or at least have heard mentioned, and it immediately evokes the values of traditional Milanese cuisine. It is an iconic gastronomic and wine brand which has chosen to “leave” the city to land in another symbolic location of gastronomy and wine: Tuscany.

Under the direction of the Vudafieri Severino Partners architectural studio, Peck has inaugurated its new home in Forte dei Marmi with quality materials, maritime influences and the impeccable taste whose reputation precedes the brand’s name.

109 sqm in the heart of the old town, near the center, in the famous market square and just a few steps away from the sea, the quality of Peck and Forte dei Marmi meet in the new deli and wine shop. On the one hand, there is the ancient appeal of the Tuscan coast with stone hamlets, pine woods and the sea of the Etruscans; and on the other hand, there is culinary excellence that brings the traditional and authentic cuisine to a modern savoir faire atmosphere.

It just takes one look at the shop window to understand that here, amongst references to the sea and intoxicating aromas, every type of taste can be tantalized and satisfied. The deli stands out at the entrance with plenty of prepared dishes and a rich selection of packaged food. And the wines do no disappoint either with over 500 labels covering the walls. It is but a small sample compared to the wine shop in via Spadari (the largest selection in Italy with 3000 products), but it is a refined and well-researched selection that is capable of going well with the flavors of the local area.

Everything here carries an intense feeling of authenticity. The materials, presented in the typical light colors of the brand, offer a sample of the cool, summery and natural atmosphere of Forte dei Marmi. On the walls, sea-green gets combined with the light-colored wood paneling, while touches of light illuminate the vertical wallcoverings and the brass recesses emphasize the refinement of the finest wines.

The overall picture provides us with a rich, reassuring and calming environment where a sense of comfort prevails and designer accents, like the postmodern chandelier or the Calacatta marble at the counter with its refrigerated display case, add character and vibrancy to the scene and awaken the senses.

Every nook, corner and detail tell us something about the product’s history, with local Versilia businesses standing out. “It is the second shop that we have entrusted to the Vudafieri-Saverino Partners studio” explained Leone Marzotto, Vice-chairman and CEO of Peck, “there is an affinity in aesthetics, in attention to values, and taste for aesthetic languages and gorgeous accents. The store is truly beautiful. I think it would be an interesting just to visit it.”

Style, good taste and great food go together in this space in Piazza Marconi. It offers us a multisensorial experience to enjoy and take in at the first glance of the shop window. There is also outdoor seating that allows you to take advantage of the deli for a fast lunch or snack in order to fit into the Forte dei Marmi’s vacation vibe without giving up on the pleasure of small luxuries.

Where: Peck, Piazza Guglielmo Marconi 6, Forte dei Marmi, Italy



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