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| Designbest editorial staff


It’s called “Savona 18 Suites” and it’s the new boutique hotel designed by Aldo Cibic, located in the heart of Tortona Design District, in the Navigli neighbourhood, in Milan. Here, the refurbishment of a typical Milanese twentieth-century casa di ringhiera (a type of low-income housing) that had been abandoned for a long time, has restored the building’s architectural character as well as preserving the authentic, antique flavour of a genuine courtyard building, in one of the most vibrant and cosmopolitan neighbourhoods of the city.

The architect and designer, one of the founding members of the 1981 Memphis group, opens a new chapter in which design interacts with life and people’s habits. As Aldo Cibic informs us: “I imagined Savona 18 as a large house, in the sense that I wanted to turn it into an intimate and welcoming place in the heart of Milan’s fashion and design district”.

And the result is outstanding, a combination of art gallery and private drawing room that with its “Petit Café”, creates an unexpected familiar feel. The eclectic mix of colours, materials and style inspirations range from an entrance desk similar to an oversized piece of furniture from Tibet, a bench in yellow mosaic tiles and the retro armchairs in lime-green velvet of the lobby. This gives life to a boutique hotel that with sophisticated furniture and bold combinations, expresses a sort of creative lightness that makes its guests feel perfectly at ease.

Its 43 rooms have all been decorated differently, each one with a unique and distinctive style. Here too, Aldo Cibic’s creative flair combines modern design with vintage objects and paintings as well as chandeliers, mirrors and accessories in various colours and materials. The interior is intended as a surprise for its guests, so much so that all the furniture in the rooms and communal areas is available for purchase, anything from a centrepiece to an armchair.

The cherry on the cake is the extraordinary internal courtyard, transformed with sofas and armchairs into a large outdoor living room, overlooked by the casa da ringhiera-type balconies of the most exclusive suites of this four-star boutique hotel.
And for a good night’s sleep, on the opposite wall, there’s a mural painting by Aldo Cibic, an incomplete skyline painted in pale tones, for a memorable poetic feel.

Where: Savona 18 Suites, 18 via Savona, Milan, Italy

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