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Living Divani, Virtual Apartment

| Designbest editorial staff


ith a large living room, a dining room, a room with a view and even a terrace, nothing is missing in Living Divani’s home—i.e. its recently inaugurated and exclusive Virtual Apartment which has been furnished with the brand’s 2020 releases.

A refined, luxurious and virtual apartment, it has been created by Living Divani to offer a completely digital experience. Immersive and unique, it was developed by the brand in order to let the public “experience” the new proposals in realistic settings. The residential space does indeed have everything: from light wooden floors to windows overlooking a garden, paintings that enliven the walls, and the brand’s minimalist and spectacular compositions.

Welcoming us at the entrance, there is the Aero V valet stand by Shibuleru which, with its basic elegance, leads us into a living room permeated by the unmistakable style of Piero Lissoni. It is a tribute to the essence of elegance, which you can notice on first sight by stopping in front of the silhouette of the dynamic Sumo sofa—a sublime challenge to the ergonomics of comfort—or the Frog armchairs—the iconic trailblazer to low and wide seating and a more relaxed way of living. You can also talk a look at the lounge area, where style is dictated by highly industrial aesthetic of the Grek low table by Gabriele and Oscar Buratti and the Islands freestanding storage units by Stephen Burks, which have been created with apparently randomly placed slats.

Sophisticated elegance is the common thread throughout the dining room, where there is the Brasilia table by David Lopez Quincoces, which has been inspired by nature and paired with the classic Maja D armchairs by Piero Lissoni with a cover, the Aero B bar cabinet by Shibuleru and the Sailor bookcase by David Lopez Quincoces, which completes this design based on refined attention-to-detail.

Meanwhile, providing contemporary comfort on the terrace, there is the Outdoor collection, which reimagines some of the brand’s classics in appropriate materials and adds some new proposals: from Extrasoft, a visual icon designed by Piero Lissoni in 2008, to the Family Lounge tables, the painted cement-effect of the Wedge table designed by Arik Levy, the Rivulet rope chairs by Junpei&Iori Tamaki, the Agra sofas by David Lopez Quincoces, and the Ile coffee tables with delicate smoky gray glass tops.

The indoors and outdoors maintain the same atmosphere, and by following the “telescope” corridor you find yourself once again in front of two unexpected products: the Inari console by Mist-o—the perfect expression of traditional Japanese style combined with Italian design—and the Galileo mirror by Mario Ferraini—an object in constant balance, capable of reflecting many nuances. Style and surprises go hand in hand in this apartment which combines glamour and liberty, from the relaxing room to the sleeping area. The protagonist in the relaxing room is the Floyd-Hi 2 System modular sofa by Piero Lissoni which, with fluid volumes and reassuring and enveloping compositions, allows you to create a custom space under the sculptural and vaguely vintage Light with a table by Keiji Takeuchi. On the opposite side, there is the Floyd-Hi Bed by Piero Lissoni, which gives life to the bedroom with enveloping purity together with the Track leather bench by David Lopez Quincoces, the cylindrical Moon bedside table by Mist-o in charcoal-dyed oak and the Era bedside table by David Lopez Quincoces. To finish off the scene, there had to be the new Era Scrittoio accompanied by the light version of the George’s chair.

With sophisticated and balanced minimalism and a refusal of the superfluous, nothing deviates from the most refined design in the new Apartment by Living Divani, from the furniture to the sculptural lamps and the carpets decorated in the smallest details. And, once again, the result is a world of quality where you can take in a casual and cosmopolitan atmosphere.



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