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The Retreat at Blue Lagoon Iceland

| Designbest editorial staff


here are certain places around the world that are full of ancestral magic and Iceland is undoubtedly part of this category. A bewitching natural landscape adorns this authentic corner of paradise, harmoniously suspended in oblivion. In this spectacular location in fact, a longing to enjoy a sustainable holiday in perfect harmony with your surroundings is a philosophy of life and thought. It’s at this stage that The Retreat at Blue Lagoon Iceland comes into play. The Retreat at Blue Lagoon Iceland is an exclusive resort hotel designed by Basalt Architects in partnership with Design Group Italia and B&B Italia (who has overseen the entire interior décor) and as soon as it opened to the public, it won the Red Dot Award under the category Product Design 2019.

It’s easy to understand why. The first luxury five-star hotel built in Iceland, The Retreat at Blue Lagoon Iceland is an authentic “volcanic” project as it was actually sculpted from the lava of the Reykjanes peninsula that grew around the geothermal spa Blue Lagoon, originally started in 1992.

According to the National Geographic Traveler, this is one of the wonders of the world, one of those places that instantly projects you to a new dimension and transforms you as you gradually spend time here.  

In fact, the Retreat with its underground spa, the geothermal 62 Retreat Hotel and the Moss Restaurant is bound to leave you speechless. In this corner of paradise, light and colour are continuously combined to evoke emotions: the colour green stands out on hills traced in black, deep-blue water stretches beyond the limits of the sky and engulfs you in an evanescent white mist, the windows of the rooms open onto a bewitching natural landscape and lava rock is used to create counters, walls and furniture, stressing its presence. Therefore, it’s impossible not to be enthralled by the ancient appeal of the 800-year-old valley that surrounds the resort and defines all the spaces (interiors and exteriors) with magical harmony, in a continuous interaction that blends together nature and mankind.

Although, The Retreat at Blue Lagoon Iceland is not for everyone, it’s undoubtedly a place many of us dream of: inspired by the surrounding landscape, communal spaces and private suites have an exclusive feel. Everything has been planned with great attention to detail, although nothing is contrived: ottomans, coffee tables, accessories and furniture are by B&B Italia and Maxalto (such as the armchairs Mart and Febo and the seating series Michel Club) as well as the furniture by B&B Italia exclusively designed by Design Group Italia for the Retreat, elegantly decorate every corner with superior-quality wood, stone and leather. The guests are welcomed by a reassuring natural feel, whether it’s the soothing effect of the colour palette in shades of grey, brown and cream, or breathtaking views from every perspective. An essential part of the package, the island’s captivating silence and bewitching natural landscape are the main reason why Iceland is an upscale holiday destination.


We have already marked this destination on our travel itinerary, as a must-see location.

Where: Nordurljosavegur 11, 240 Grindavík, Iceland > 


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