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Senato Roof  2018 - "Modulor": Hotel Senato di Milano (design Marco Lavit)

| Designbest editorial staff


017 was the time of Hypernature, thanks to the Milanese designer Gianpaolo Venier’s creative flair; this is the year of Modulor however, a tribute that the young architect Marco Lavit pays to Le Corbusier.

For the second consecutive year, Senato Hotel Milano, a stone’s throw away from Via della Spiga, has commissioned a designer to makeover its rooftop, working in partnership with the top outdoor furniture brands. This time, Marco Lavit was given the free reigns of the entire project, in collaboration with Rattiflora and Eumenes.

Born in 1986, Marco Lavit has a clean and simple aesthetic and he uses wood to design unique spaces, where nature takes centre stage. In fact, the summer cocktail hour, held in the Roof’s 100sqm, is transformed as if by magic in a game of light and shadows, where the space is constantly being redesigned by the rays of the run and the clouds.

Modulor is based on the repetition of a 100x33 metal unit that with wooden and bamboo slats, filters the city as if it were the viewfinder of a Cinemascope camera. This space shares many similarities with a forest (as we are surrounded by nature), the shade is constantly changing and never the same, an urban nest that welcomes visitors rather than suffocating them.

As its name might suggest, Modulor is clear reference to Le Corbusier’s work. Besides, Modulor evokes the rational beginning of any designer’s career, something Marco Lavit translates into a his personal search for freedom within the restraints of the rules. As a result, Marco’s makeover has transformed the terrace into a juxtaposition of shapes and ever-changing urban landscapes.

An unexpected haven on the rooftops of Milan, the Roof welcomes visitors with Maddalena Fossati’s delicious gourmet recipes, who incidentally is one of the city’s top culinary personalities. And now that our job is done, we can finally rest on Eu/Canisto chairs, designed by Eumenes and sink in the large white cushions. We now admire the city from a new vantage point as the daylight draws on and around us like a sort of fleeting tattoo, creating different suggestions at different times of the day.


Where: Senato Hotel Milano, 22 Via Senato, Milan, Italy


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