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10 armchairs for pure relaxation

| Designbest editorial staff


f the home sofa is normally the most fought over between family members, the armchair instead has its “owner”. Is it the same in your homes? All it takes is seeing the owner arriving in the living room with something to read in hand and whoever is unexpectedly curled up leaves without a fuss (except for the cat).
The story of “private”, so to speak, home armchairs is a long one. We have grandma’s and dad’s armchair (and it’s about time we have mom’s as well). In short, we choose an armchair in our image and likeness. It is ours and nobody else’s, if not for special permission. It must be tailormade for our backs and satisfy our egos because it represents us. So we went to see some timeless classics and new releases; ten very different armchairs with one important thing in common: comfort!



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