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Top 10

10 designer cordless lamps

| Designbest editorial staff


ordless lamps that can be brought with us as if they were lanterns are surely some of the most wonderful inventions over the last few years. Free of wires and with quickly rechargeable batteries, they light up our evenings and faithfully follow us in the garden or terrace in the summer months; and they are ready to light up the dinner table or our indoor reading corner when the days get shorter.

In our Top Ten of extremely practical, designer cordless lamps, there is a selection that ranges from the most romantic to the incredibly practical and a wireless revisiting of icons of design. It is a journey that takes us from sculptural lighting, to a minimal object and even to a special treat; because this time there is also a great Italian chef who has turned into a designer and created a lamp that has brought together his cuisine’s delicacies with the light of the table.


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