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10 inviting new designer kitchens

| Designbest editorial staff


xposed kitchens, centrals islands with superb integrated tables; this is the latest trend for modern kitchens.
The kitchen has increasingly becoming the real heart of the home, the convivial space par excellence and the most multifunctional room in the home. The kitchen now is an integral part of the living room. The central island replaces the standard partition between kitchen and living room and is fitted with practical tables and breakfast bars that, besides being used for dinner or lunch, they instantly become the favourite spot of the entire family. Here, while the pots are simmering, a diverse range of activities takes place from working to reading, or simply relaxing and watching TV.

In occasion of Eurocucina 2018, taken a look the most innovative kitchens out there by the top designer brands.
Our image gallery has a selection of the latest 10 kitchens that combine a central island with breakfast area.

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