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Top 10

10 low tables always at your service

| Designbest editorial staff


inimalist and rigorous, sculptural, striking, and with bold forms and softer lines, the low table is the undisputed do-it-all piece in the home. In addition to always being paired with sofas and armchairs, it has become a practical ally for the entrance and the perfect substitute for the nightstand in the bedroom. Do you need an extra tabletop to keep magazines and newspapers in order? Would you like to have a tiny desk for working while sitting comfortably on the sofa? Dreaming of that sculptural piece which gives a twist to the entrance? Whether tall or close to the ground, with one single top or many “compartments”, the low table is ready to take on all of our needs. The latest models opt for fine materials and unexpected volumes to create brand-new functionality with practicality and style, and they become the undisputed stars of contemporary furniture.  



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