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10 lunchboxes for health fanatics

| Designbest editorial staff


nd what about the common lunchbox? The same type of lunchbox to take to work every day, as well as to the gym or on the train. Well, if taking a packed-lunch wherever we go is something we are used to doing on a daily basis, it has now become a proper worldwide trend.

Wave goodbye to old-fashioned lunchboxes and last-minute paper bags: the latest lunchboxes are design-led as well as practical. And they encourage us to keep up with the healthy eating trend, being proactive in what we eat and carrying balanced meals wherever we go.

These are our must-haves: pieces inspired by traditional Japanese design (take the bento boxes for examples), lunchboxes fitted with several compartments for oil and salt, flaks with a tight grip for customers who are always on the go and pocket pouches for yogurt and salads.


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