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10 marble kitchens infused with the aroma of beauty

| Designbest editorial staff


eauty, in the kitchen too, is a scent that propagates, an aroma that is infused with the stove, it insinuates itself on pans, it spreads on dishes…and covers us too. We transform into creatures full of grace and creative flair too, delicate and with a firm hand perfect for preparing classy dishes…trust in this: it’s impossible to be a bad cook in a dream kitchen! 

From the dawn of time, marble is an unparalleled example of beauty.
Its material effect and unique and unrepeatable naturalness instantly transforms the mood, adding personality, character and extraordinary elegance to the space.
It’s adopted to a great extent in the new designer kitchens, whether it's a soft shade of Carrara marble, black Portoro or Antalya Grey. Destined for a sole surface or an entire block, marble is frequently combined with other refined and natural materials such as wood, but glass and a diverse range of metals too.

Our top 10 favourite kitchens in marble include many different approaches, from a breakfast bar in a contrasting shade to a total-look for the fronts and they are all absolutely irresistible of course!

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