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10 reading lamps, stories of illuminating classics

| Designbest editorial staff


e thought it would be easier to read with so much time on our hands. However, the mind wanders elsewhere and before too long we’ve lost the thread of the plot. Let’s start over and be as patient as is necessary; but before let’s take a better look at the lamp next to us.

What’s its name? Who made it and when? Does our reading lamp have a story to tell? We do know that some have had a wonderful history, a long life and made an unexpected comeback. They have caught up to the times with new technologies, without changing looks or losing their appeal; on the contrary, in the meantime they have become real and true design icons.

In order to have a worthy reading companion, one capable of distracting us at times into admiring at it, thinking about its time and the millions of people who have met it, we went looking for the latest editions of ever-modern classics made by the great masters.


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