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10 sofas seen from the cushioning

| Designbest editorial staff


ven though they are currently going like crazy at home and never before been so cherished, sofas have actually always been one of the most hotly debated and mulled over décor choices in the family for whoever is left to make the purchase. This is not only goes for questions of aesthetics as the sofa represents, for all intents and purposes, our definitive moment of relaxation—that wonderful timeout when everything is perfect and all the weight is lifted off your shoulders and mind.

As long as they are as comfortable as we like, because, in the end, this is what the debate is all about. There are those who like to sink in, those who like to be well-supported, those who must be able to freely move the cushions around and those who want to stretch out.

To find the right one, here are 10 sofas of different sizes that offer with their special cushioning—from innovative foams to goose-down—a particular type of comfort and tailormade relaxation for everyone. There is nothing left to do but choose which is the right one for us.


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