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Top 10

10 sunbeds for design-loving sunbathers

| Designbest editorial staff


omfortably stretched out on a sunbed with eyes closed, immersed in silence or with sweet music in the air, a crossword or good book in hand… those relaxing days that for short time leave us as immobile as lizards and as silent as fish are about to arrive.

To fully enjoy the moment, whether it is in the garden, on a city terrace or the seashore, our little island of happiness must be welcoming and special. 
In our Top Ten designer sunbeds, chaise-longues or daybeds, we went to discover the ones created with the latest materials made to withstand atmospheric agents (as well as be poetic and fascinating) and also more traditional ones that go for teak—the outdoor wood par excellence. They are outdoor projects that are conscious of both nature and the environment, and made to share in their charm during the tranquility of vacation.



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