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Change the digital terrestrial system…and your TV stand.

| Designbest editorial staff


n October 20, 2021 the new transmission frequencies for digital TVs go into effect, changing signals from Mpeg-2 to Mpeg-4. Afterwards, there will also be a change from the Dvd-T to the Dvd-T2 system (Digital Video Broadcasting – Second Generation Terrestrial), the new and definitive digital terrestrial system set for 2023.

In fact, the transition to the new frequencies will be gradual and will offer various advantages to users, beginning with the notably improved image quality. Moreover, it will free up the so-called “700 band”, frequencies destined for 5G—the lightning-fast mobile network on its way.

The new HD channels, however, will not be visible with older televisions. In general, televisions purchased from 2017 should be compatible, while those purchased before 2010 and various models purchased between 2010-2015 will surely have to be changed.

However, before throwing away your old TV or decoder, it is possible to find out if they are compatible with HD. The test is very easy to carry out: just tune to any one the new HD channels (501 for Raiuno Hd, 505 for Canale 5 Hd, 507 for La7 Hd). If the TV and decoders receive a signal, the words Test HEVC Main10 will appear and all you have to do is re-tune the channels.

Otherwise, it will be necessary to be purchase a new TV or decoder. The Ministry of Economic Development has provided two combinable bonuses for the occasion. The first is the TV disposal bonus in which you obtain a discount of 20% (up to a maximum of 100 euros) by bringing in your old TV. The second Bonus TV Isee 20,000 will provide a discount of up to 30 euros for those who have an income equal to or less than €20,000 a year.

Seeing how it will be necessary to evaluate the various options, why not take advantage of the moment to update the living room with a new TV stand? Linear, spectacular, or freely modular, here are the latest can’t-miss designer proposals.



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