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Come with me and bring everything

| Designbest editorial staff


xtremely organized telecommuters like us end up restlessly moving about the home with our notes, laptop, phone, pen, coffee mug, glass of water to catch even the tiniest ray of sunlight coming through the window or peeking out onto the balcony. It is a back and forth which, in short, made it impossible for us to not go looking for a designer trolley that would simplify our lives.
And so here are our Top 10 designer trolleys, the so-called food or bar trolleys or organizers—moving pieces of furniture, loyal carriers of all that we need to have at our fingertips, whether for it’s for work, setting the table or picking up the kids’ toys tossed about the living room.

With the smartest, lightest and easiest-to-fold solutions that can be quickly taken out or put away, trolleys with extractable trays and rotating shelves that become small desks, and stars of the show that demand special “parking spots”  from where they can shine in all their golden glory, there is a true “parade” of various systems and different concepts of design—from the classics of Modernism to Pop and hi-tech models—in order to find the trolley that best suits us.



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