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Geometries of light along the wall

| Designbest editorial staff


hether there is a subtle yet pronounced line, a suffused interplay of light and shadow, a series of circles or a single square, light can create unusual designs on the wall and transform each lamp into an abstract painting. So, amongst minimalist appliques which you can place next to the bed and extra-large geometric lamps which take up the entire living room wall, the new appliques are no longer “simple” light sources along the wall, but genuine sculptures which decorate and divide the space with striking discretion. If you are unsure of how to light up your hallway, entrance, living room or bedroom, check out our selection. There are models which go for white to almost blend into the wall when turned off, lamps which create patterns and contemporary decorations with volumes and contrasting colors, and proposals which focus on special effects to always catch your eye. With an indisputable and stylish decorative effect, all of them contain fine materials and pure innovation to offer us new scenery, but without forgetting practicality and sustainability.



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