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Portable lamps: the summer accessory indoors and outdoors

| Designbest editorial staff


ortable or wireless (call them what you will), the latest lamps are hi-tech devices concealed within the romantic allure of old lanterns (or bedside lamps). Perfect in the home and outdoors, they are the essence of practicality as they are compact and light but are instantly able to create the ideal atmosphere. Our selection contains 11 wireless models with convenient handles. They are perfect for convivial evenings and have already become our inseparable summer companions. If you are not convinced, check out our choices. From the ethereal and transparent model which is perfect for a romantic tete-à-tete to the ecological one which even provides us with flowers, these proposals faithfully follow us from the living room to the terrace, the garden and the bedroom. Plus, they light up our relaxing moments without fading away thanks to their long-lasting batteries. Want to bet that it will be love at first sight for you as well?



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