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Show me your chair and I’ll tell you who you are

| Designbest editorial staff


ver tried to look at a chair the other way around, as if it were telling us something about our personalities?
They live in our homes, perhaps for years. We sit on the them, move them around, sometimes we add a pillow; they carry out their basic function but, at this point being a part of our daily routine, we don’t really “see” them. 

Let’s try to play a game:really take a look at the chairs around our rooms. Let’s see if their style, form, materials and colors tell us something about us and our personalities. They might even hold some surprises and show us that they no longer reflect who we are, that we have changed in the meantime, and our priorities have moved on, or show us a part of ourselves we have almost forgotten.

To get us ready for what the chairs of our homes have to tell us, here is a Top 10 of designer chairs with various personalities—from playful and cheerful to minimalist and a bit serious, the irreverent or the glamorous…


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