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Best Choice

A city picnic

Lunch is served with waterproof thermal bottles, storage as elegant as a clutch bag, bowls with integrated compartments and besides, wireless lighting creates the perfect feel, at dusk too.

Best Choice

2.0 lanterns: our favourite

Inspired by traditional lanterns, the latest trend in lighting design focuses on portable lamps. Poetical, delicate and romantic, they evoke the magic of times gone by.


A suspended bed for a dreamy feel

In your new master bedroom, the bed is transformed into an island of relaxation that appears to be floating in mid air.


A freestanding island, the new convivial kitchen

The real heart of this kitchen is a large central island that includes a food preparation area, hob and sink...


Elegant pastel tones in the bathroom

Elegant and sophisticated, our new bathroom combines romantic powder pink with bright coral.


A welcoming outdoor living room

Whether in your garden or on the terrace, an ergonomic sofa, covered in cushions, is perfect to enjoy the warm weather as it creates an informal, extremely comfy oasis.


A neo-romantic bedroom

Velvety colours, a soothing feel and a large bed that serves as an alcove. With an oversized headboard and complementary accessories in a delicate line, our new bedroom...


Designer carpets, the new key players in the home

Centre stage in your home, the latest carpets are as beautiful as a precious tapestry, decorated similarly to a contemporary painting, handmade and include unique textures too.


A simple and current living room in black-and-white

Our new contemporary living room focuses on optical patterns and a few simple pieces with a fluid silhouette such as a two-seater sofa in pure-white...


An outdoor living room in Mediterranean style

Pure-white furniture and shades of sky-blue: our new outdoor living room has a fresh Mediterranean style with a summery feel that instantly encourages you to relax.