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In the Japanese-style room, relaxation is a guarantee

With Japanese style revisited in a more metropolitan and contemporary key, the bedroom plays with oriental furniture, starting with the wooden and rice paper walls which get matched to the power and bold texture of marble and the optical-effect floor pattern.


All it takes is a roomy shower

The contemporary bathroom is no longer understood as a functional room, but gets set up as an intimate space with a quasi-living room feel.

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The terrace is the perfect offseason oasis

The days are getting shorter, but the sun is still shining down onto the city. So, let’s not give up so soon on our balconies and terraces. If we reorganize our outdoor space with warm and practical furniture...


Kitchen and dining: all out in the open

This kitchen has a peninsula which extends to the center of the room in order to provide the dining area with an informal and convivial look. Nearby, the cabinets and shelves play with wall compositions with alternated open shelving for a modern interpretation of classic glass displays.


The centered bed gives the bedroom personality

This contemporary bedroom, in an ode to oriental rigor which is perfectly united to nature’s harmony, goes for clean geometries and natural materials to create the perfect balance between elegance and comfort.

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Kitchens: convivial style goes on display

There is a kitchen in evening wear and a “green” one which embraces a tree; there is a chic industrial model and one that looks to have been sculpted from stone.


The simple elegance of the metropolitan living room

With cream, black and pearl gray, this living room plays with discrete elegance, “urban” accents, classic rigor and refined comfort. At the center of the scene, there is a black leather sofa which stands out against the exposed-brick wall and extends its base into a convenient low table.

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Marble-effect porcelain stoneware: new “ancient” elegance

With exquisite surfaces, mottled shades and bold veining, marble is back decorating floors and walls with its sophisticated and slightly ancient touch.

Home office

The chicest study is framed by the wardrobe

A linear and graphical wall-wardrobe is just what is needed to get the most out of the space with elegant discretion. With a nook and desk at the center of it, the composition becomes the perfect solution for the living room or bedroom.

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5 must-haves for a special bathroom

Everyone ready for the latest releases in the bathroom sector? Its recent trends are awaiting us from September 27 at Cersaie 2021 in Bologna, but in the meantime the latest styles have already made their first marks.