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Best Choice

Mini-bathroom accessories with personality

Is your bathroom a bit small and drab? Well, it takes very little to transform it into a bastion of wellness: a compact and stylish washbasin, a super-slim (yet super-spacious) laundry basket...


A black and white living room, the elegance of simplicity

With white love seats, a striped rug and geometric low tables, this living room creates a contemporary look with clean and rigid lines...

Table settings

The perfect table is graphical and romantic

With clean lines, minimalist geometries and pastel colors, this table reinterprets romantic style in a contemporary key.

Best Choice

Bring nature into the home

With autumn just around the corner, it’s a good idea to get the house organized. But let’s move beyond the “usual” blankets, space heaters and hot chocolate and tea sets.


Yellow and gray, the perfect metropolitan outdoors

This outdoor sitting room goes for dark and refined tones in order to prepare us for going back indoors for the coming winter.


XXVI Compasso d’Oro 2020, 18 winners and tons of new releases

The customary awarding of the Compasso d’Oro returned this year in a truly special edition.

Best Choice

New Mediterranean style

The sea in your eyes, Classic Blue in Pantone’s top ten colors, the desire to both get back to normal life and relax a bit more…


The bathroom interprets industrial style

Here we have a minimal and almost “empty” bathroom that goes for stripped-down fixtures and replaces classic furniture...


A living room that brings summer indoors

A room full of light, overlaid carpets that warm up the floor, a reading nook with a large pouf, an end table and a soft and refined sofa...

Best Choice

Putting things in order… in style

Holed up inside, surrounded by an excessive number of objects and memories, we have decided to put the much-renowned concept of space-cleaning into practice.