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Bathroom linen for a natural snuggle

Recycled materials, organic fabrics and super-soft terrycloth: these bathroom textiles choose natural comfort for all-embracing wellness.


Twin armchairs for a cozy living room corner

The perfect team in an ode to relaxation, two armchairs mirror one another in front of a small round table in this living room.


The bedroom plays with details

The design is sharp, sleek, simple and plays with subtle overlays, creating movement in the room. The bedroom takes on modern and minimal style with some additional details to make it bolder.


The designer hood that lights up the kitchen

A large, double, corolla-shaped lampshade; an up-down system for choosing the perfect height and lighting: this hood changes looks...

Best Choice

Ingo Maurer and beauty made light

Many called him the poet of light, though he rejected this title. If it is true that Ingo Maurer was always considered the light designer par excellence, it is also true that for him “being original is not so difficult as long as you listen to your inner voice.”


The veranda living room, an oasis of relaxation

Understanding the desire for idleness, the living room transforms into a relaxing oasis that communicates with the outdoors and speaks the language of nature.


ADI Design Index 2019: the pride and joy of Italian design

226 products and projects that best represent all the latest design trends: The ADI – Association for Industrial Design – Permanent Design Observatory presents the annual selection of excellence in Italian design...

Best Choice

8 space-saving and “style-saving” pieces

There are those who simply need to make space and those who, on the other hand, would also like to transform a room without changing all the furniture...


Cladding frames the bed

The colour sky-blue adds a reassuring touch to this bedroom and at the same time, cushions in powder-pink add a delicate, flirty touch...


An evergreen living room

With a living room immersed in nature, it’s easy to forget winter as well as instantly recharge your batteries...