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Living room with mountain view

In general, when winter approaches we start of thinking of spending our free time in the mountains. Our rooftop terrace turns into a real outdoor living room and defies chilly temperatures with an all-embracing elegance...


ADI Design Index 2017: the best on the Italian design scene

This year, 204 different products have been shortlisted for the ADI Design Index, and together with the entries from last year will complete for the next Compasso d'Oro Awards. The main intent of this edition is to reward social commitment...

Kids' room

A bedroom in sky-blue where order and relaxation rule

Antarctica is the main source of inspiration for this kid’s bedroom. A polar bear is spotted in the distance, next to silhouettes of icebergs and an igloo-shaped bed that seems to be floating on an ice slab.


The freestanding bookcase as a room divider

The wall-to-wall bookcase moves to the middle of your living room, forming the ideal surroundings for the conversational area...

Best Choice

Relaxation and the home

It’s almost time for those first chills and showers, and the home is about to change. As the days get shorter we long for a warmer and more welcoming home, a space where silence and simplicity take first place.

Best Choice

New products from HOMI Milano: our favourites

A good-luck charm that cracks walnuts, an ultra-chic table runner in paper and an elegantly clad food processor. We’ve ìspotted at HOMI, the interior lifestyle fair that just finished in Milan, a variety of different quirky and captivating products for your kitchen and table.


High-fashion in the bathroom

Woven walls and houndstooth floors; this is how the bathroom wears its new look, with warm shades and a subtle reference to the world of high-fashion.

Best Choice

Open-plan spaces: the kitchen goes in the… living room

Open-plan spaces can often be subdivided into two separate areas, and by doing so you optimize the space as a whole. Kitchens and living rooms are two very important spaces, they are the heart and soul of every home.