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The home is a smart office

Smart or agile working is an extremely relevant subject in this period. These days many of us are working from home, so why not take advantage of it by organizing a versatile and classy study?


Nothing as modern as a vintage sitting room

Forties armchairs, a sixties Hi-Fi system, seventies lamps, and walls with panoramic views, this is an impeccably modern vintage sitting room.

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Furnishing, what a fun game

Entertaining the children at home isn’t always easy, especially if there is no other way for them to release their energy. That’s why we have thought about letting design help us...

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Gardening: a windowsill is all it takes

Those who have a balcony or outdoor space know that cultivating a green area is a true cure-all for our wellbeing. It helps us relax and offers us a small getaway from our domestic lives.


The bathtub-shower: wellness front and center

The oval bathtub gets to become the star of this contemporary bathroom, settling down in the center of the scene in order to create a scenographic area of wellness...


These lounge sofas are perfect outdoors

With the arrival of the fairest of seasons the living room instantly moves outdoors and designs it own language of relaxation...


The bathroom is a natural oasis

This modern bathroom breaks aesthetic and architectonic canons and plays with space to create an area dedicated to wellness, split in two.


The extra-large pergola protecting the outdoor furniture

This large and square oversized pergola filters the sunlight with its slats and curtains and protects the open-air living room by a creating a cozy and well-defined space.


The design of heat

Progetto Fuoco, the most important biannual trade fair of plants and equipment for the production of heat and energy from wood combustion, has once again presented the sector’s latest releases in Verona...

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8 female objects of design

March 8th is Women’s Day and we have decided to celebrate it with 8 female projects.