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6 nomadic accessories for a metropolitan summer

Summer in the city? No worries. With just a few ad hoc accessories you will be able to freely move around town and enjoy the good weather with the help of design.


Recharge in this orange bathroom

The anteroom is a small and luxurious entrance. The large shower is an invitation to an energizing massage. And the double washbasin allows us for the right amount of intimacy, even in two.


White and wood, the perfect couple for outdoor living

On the one hand, there is white: the color of balance and freshness. On the other hand, there is teak wood: an excellent material for outdoor living. Together they couldn’t help but become the impeccable highlights of the outdoor space as they create an aesthetically pure living room.


A taste for minimalism in the kitchen

This contemporary kitchen is a refined composition of austere volumes and linear details. Its formal language follows the dictates of stylistic purity and extreme functionality.


A relaxing domestic island

Dream of an atoll in the middle of a crystalline sea, imagine a relaxing oasis immersed in nature…and turn this inspiration into a metropolitan lounge area that feels just like being on vacation.

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Mini-pools: new dream vacations (at home)

Vacation in the city? We instantly thought about changing it from a hot and boring punishment into an experience of wellness and relaxation with these mini-pools or hot tubs.

Home office

The perfect study for reading and relaxation

Nell’era dello smart working il classico studio è tornato ad essere il protagonista assoluto della casa. Non più angolino attrezzato, ma relegato alle emergenze, ma spazio fluido, organizzato, confortevole e accogliente.

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The table has that summer feeling

Colorful dishes, practical accessories and “seaside” cutlery are all we need to turn our table setting into an ode to the summertime.


The summer lounge area recalls the savanna

With earth tones, the exotic atmosphere of the savanna and the vibrant calm of African landscapes, everything feels like an adventure in this convivial lounge area, where two armchairs and a side table create a tiny, dreamlike setup.

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Design at low prices: multipurpose stools

There are those looking for a bold side table to place next to the sofa, those would like a comfortable and compact footrest for the balcony, and those searching for a space-saving container that fits everywhere.