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Deluxe minimalism in the bathroom

With a clean and simple aesthetic, the furniture appears to be floating in mid air and creates a space that combines elegance and functionality...


Wood and geometric patterns for the modern bathroom

With a focus on colourful walls, retro details and exotic references, the contemporary bathroom combines vintage accessories and influences of faraway lands.


A bedroom with a retro feel

With an informal, familiar feel, the bedroom of an old country home evokes the memory of times gone by...


A pop of gingham for outdoors

The latest trend in outdoors focuses on comfy furniture in a simple silhouette, perfect for a refined, soothing space...

Best Choice

Good night!

Sleep plays an essential and healthy part in everyday life, but sometimes, especially in summer - when it's very hot or you change homes to go on holiday - resting well can prove a challenge...


A kitchen in deep-blue

Marble veining and streaks in relief, the dazzling brilliance of white and the soothing harmony of blue. With an elegant touch, our new kitchen evokes the maritime-style...


A comfy space that blends interiors with exteriors

Two small armchairs, placed beside two coffee tables, overlook the terrace and there’s a sofa too, ready to enjoy the summer.


Transform your bathroom into a romantic garden

Light filters through curtains made of reeds, birds sing on a flowery wall, flooring with a flagstone-effect: all the details of this bathroom resemble a tiny garden...


A home spa, from pastel tones to elegant details

For a home spa-inspired bathroom: porcelain stoneware floor tiles in a wooden-effect, walls painted in sky-blue, wooden accessories and a well-organized layout.

Best Choice

Antonio Citterio in 10 projects

He is often referred to as the “gentleman on the design scene”. Best-known for his elegant aesthetic, understated and timeless, Antonio Citterio is undoubtedly one of the most famous Italian designers around.