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Non-stop outdoor living

In the center of the scene there is the obligatory living-room area with a large sofa, armchair and coffee table. It overlooks the pool with its sinuous lines and relaxing colors which invite one to enjoy time with family and friends.


Glass furniture: the new transparencies in style

The latest trend in décor uses the elegant transparency of glass and crystal to create spaces with delicate volumes and lots of light: translucent wardrobes, kaleidoscopic coffee tables, sculptural washbasins which play with light, and luxurious storage units which go for sophisticated rigor.


Wood and steel for the perfect metropolitan kitchen

With a steel countertop and a wooden island, the contemporary kitchen focuses on the contrast between metallic shine and the warmth of natural veining. The style is austere and purely functional.

Best Choice

The latest “bathrooms” at the Salone del Mobile 2022

With sculptural washbasins, sleek taps, pleated furniture and hi-tech showerheads, the latest bathrooms at the Salone del Mobile 2022 go all in on details to provide us with immersive wellness. They will turn our daily beauty routines into sensory experiences we can touch with our hands.

Table settings

The summer table is a cornucopia of colors

With bright colors and Mediterranean style, the table is inspired by the lively and warm atmospheres of Taormina. It has been adorned with flowers and color blocks in order to fill the summer with tasty and convivial rituals.


Eco-furniture: the new trend of the Salone del Mobile 2022

With neutral tones, natural materials, ecological design and holistic recycling, sustainability is definitely 2022’s latest trend. Through a combination of upcycling and experimentation, it dictates the guidelines for the latest in luxury which considers wellbeing.

Kids' room

The cocooning “nook” in the kids’ room

The bed with a bridge wardrobe creates a small enveloping cocoon in the kids’ room which perfectly sets apart the sleeping area. Minimalist yet enhanced by the wardrobe, the bed becomes the highlight of the kids’ room without taking space away from play and studying.


The chaise longue is the perfect synthesis of outdoor comfort

All you need are lots of cushions and deep seating to turn the principles of comfort into the perfect outdoor piece of furniture. The chaise longue which reinterprets classic wicker furniture combines a sleek look with more informal comfort and becomes the clear highlight of the outdoor space.

Materials and innovations

Glass Vademecum by Tonelli

2022 is the International Year of Glass and is being celebrated by the UN General Assembly throughout the world. Age-old yet always innovative, capable of shaping trends and exciting the senses, glass is an iconic material which stimulates touch, sight, hearing and even taste when it is used at the table.


The bedroom is an intimate open space

With the bed in the center of the room and the space defined by an “embroidered” backdrop, the modern bedroom is an open space made for intimacy and relaxation as it mixes creamy and natural colors to open spaces which are expertly blocked off.