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A contemporary kitchen in pastel nuances and sharp contrasts

A simple kitchen with cupboards in warm, velvety nuances and a dining area with black accents...


Classic elegance for a contemporary living room

To mark the anniversary of the Bauhaus movement, the thirties’ elegant and severe aesthetic is on trend once again.


Textile design 2019: the latest home textiles

Natural as well as refined, impalpable and dramatic. The latest home textiles have a fresh, sophisticated aesthetic that combines vegetable fibres, elegant yarn, delicate nuances and bright patterns...


A simple bathroom in Scandinavian-style

An elegant scheme in white and Scandinavian-inspired style: the new minimal bathroom is an extremely functional space. A twin wall-mounted washbasin takes centre stage and combined with two matching round mirrors, it creates a chic, understated feature wall.


A bedroom decorated in pure-white and a splash of blue

In our new bedroom, pure-white, the colour that more than any other represents rest, creates an ethereal, dreamy aesthetic.


For the mountains, an outdoor living room in metropolitan-style

Sartorial fabrics in a masculine cut, iridescent nuances, splashes in optical-white and a colour palette in grey: the latest outdoor living room for your mountain retreat has a distinctive, sophisticated style inspired by urban life.

Home office

Console table + wall niche = a home office full of charm

A streamlined, wooden console table that rests against the wall, is perfect for the people you want to re-organize a tiny home-office.


An oversized sofa for convivial moments

A wall-to-wall bookcase and an oversized sofa: they solely transform a standard living room into a relaxing space.


An elegant bathroom in black-and-white

A clean and simple aesthetic with a few distinctive features: the bathroom is transformed from an intimate, secluded space into one that takes its cues from the living room.

Best Choice

Kitchen utensils: the latest designs

Kitchen utensils are essential items, although we often feel obliged to (as the lack appeal) keep them well hidden in drawers or in the darkest corners of the kitchen...