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The outdoor living room in colonial style

This is what we have: a throne-like wicker armchair, sofas with a fluid silhouette, lots of cushions, a carpet that brings to mind a traditional British lawn and a fan too, a must-have of colonial style.

Home office

An old desk for a retro study

This old wooden table, with a weathered look, goes steady with a retro, leather armchair, turning an otherwise distinctly modern living room into an intimate and homely study.

Best Choice

9 must-haves for metropolitan glamping

With summer comes a longing for adventure; this is why we were drawn to the world of camping. Revisited however in a glam, metropolitan key...

Table settings

Sea on the table

Madeira stripes, seashells and starfish: nautical style never goes out of fashion, perfect for a summer tablescape too.

Kids' room

The perfect kids’ room combines simplicity with fun

Order, freedom, joy: these are the key rules for decorating the kids’ room. Such as this one that combines the subtle, elegance of grey with the vibrancy of orange...


A bright living room that travels around the world

An orange sofa on the Aztec carpet, succulent plants paired with Chinese furniture, Oriental tea served from the African coffee table: the entire world has descended on this living room...


The new romantic bedroom

A floral accent wall in a combination of natural colours and pastel tones frames the bed, creating a romantic, intimate feel...

Best Choice

Colour, patterns and prints: 10 tiles for brightening up your home

10 styles of colourful tiles with geometric patterns, perfect for liberating our creative flair and brightening up the home.


The veranda is the perfect retro living room

Large windows overlooking the garden, several plants beside the “chilling area” and Bob’s your uncle: turn your veranda in the perfect summer-time living room.