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The wall-to-wall bookcase in the living room

The built-in bookcase gives to the living room the same feel of an intimate library, where you can be deep in your thoughts.


The social open-plan living room

Sofas, ottomans and armchairs coupled with chairs and coffee tables turn our open-plan living room into a social space...


Twin island and maxi larder: a gourmet kitchen

Every aspiring professional chef dreams of a large central island, as well as the people who enjoy and cooking in company: a clear invite to spend time with your near and dear ones that turns the food preparation area into a social space.


Designer radiators: streamlined heating

Ultra-flat, simple, colourful or almost imperceptible: the latest top of the line radiators have clean aesthetics, especially designed to blend with their surroundings, as well as decorating and adding character to any room.


A bathroom with the same feel of an exotic resort

Nowadays, the bathroom has become a haven for personal wellbeing, in which you can recall the magic of past adventures, fight-off the greyness of winter or simply dream of being in your very own home spa.


A wooden kitchen is traditionally modern

The freestanding island is great as a breakfast bar too, the large L shaped top doubles as a food preparation areas and the larder with two recessed ovens is perfect for storing your cooking ingredients.


A bedroom where wellbeing is paramount

This dreamy bedroom is a safe haven, in which you can enjoy life’s little luxuries such as a warm embrace, moments of idleness and take care of your personal wellbeing...

Best Choice

BEST of… the best inspirations of 2017!

All the trends in home decor, a mood for any occasion, the perfect furniture for contemporary living and the accessories to refresh your style. In 2017 we’ve published a vast selection on inspirations, all unique.