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The outdoor lounge immersed in blue

With sky and sea blue, the deep horizon and that pure holiday feeling, this outdoor sitting area goes for shades of blue and a liberating atmosphere which perfectly reflects summertime.

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The new style of domestic comfort

It’s great to finally get back outdoors. But what can we do in light of the health restrictions and inclement weather? Well, we have decided to turn our home (or at least a corner of it) into haven of relaxation...


New modernity in an antique bathroom

The latest interpretation of wellness can be seen in this retro yet exquisitely contemporary space. This bathroom brings the together the architecture of the past with the clean and dynamic lines of modern design.


Outdoors, delicate shades and tranquility

A sitting area immersed in nature, enveloped in tranquility and dedicated to pure relaxation. This outdoor lounge area focuses entirely on a balance between peace and quiet and the delicate embrace of pastels.

Home office

The ideal study: bright with retro touches

A bright room with a few pieces of furniture is the ideal place for organizing your study. It provides the perfect mix of formal order and creative freedom. The highlight of the room is the central window.


The living room is an oasis of light

Surfaces with natural colors, tall windows, concrete-effect porcelain stoneware flooring, and minimal furniture with large volumes.

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The home purifies the air

In light of the pandemic, we have all become more attentive to the quality of the air we breathe, especially at home.


A chic double bed plays with volumes

This double bed becomes the highlight of the scene by interpreting comfort and elegance with light volumes and prized materials.


Time to change up the wardrobe

Let’s admit it. The ritual of switching out the clothes in the wardrobe is a hassle we would happily give up. Who knows why there is never enough space? Even if we meticulously apply the rules of decluttering...

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Design at low prices: year-round chairs

Stackable, durable, light and practical, these plastic chairs are perfect for keeping up with the changes in the weather.