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8 female objects of design

March 8th is Women’s Day and we have decided to celebrate it with 8 female projects.


The perfect living room, inside and outside

Sea colors, Madeiran stripes, soft and lavish shapes: this living room plays with summer style inside and outside the home.

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9 freestanding washbasins for a brand new bathroom

Sculptural, compact, curvy or monolithic; these freestanding washbasins go for contemporary style and are meant to take centerstage.


An island of relaxation

With monolithic pieces of furniture that look like polished stones, this is a relaxing alternative for an open-air living space.

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Design in a vase

They can be carved like sculptures, monolithic like totems, scenographic like theatrical masks and unexpected like works of art...


Colorful geometries in a modern bathroom

A terracotta-hued console table interprets contemporary style with a bit of charm and becomes the bathroom’s centerpiece.


The perfect relaxation corner

Even a passageway can turn into a small oasis of relaxation. All it takes is letting yourself be instantly enveloped by the natural atmosphere created by the plants...

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Valentine’s Day: 11 declarations of design

The lovers’ holiday is here and to celebrate in style we have decided to forget about flowers and chocolates and wrap up some décor and accessories...


La boiserie raffinata disegna il living perfetto

This living room focuses on the details to provide simple and contemporary elegance...

Best Choice

Beds embrace elegance

Whether austere, soft, bold or discrete, the new queen-sized beds play with minimalist shapes and exquisite materials to create undeniably elegant bedtime style...