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A kitchen with a functional, monolithic island

A monolithic kitchen island in marble with an integrated counter in wood: extreme function reduces the kitchen to the bare essentials, although it doesn’t give up of comfort and elegance.


Geometry rules the living room

Cream, petroleum and wood: with bold splashes of colour, they refresh the living room with impeccable taste.


An alcove-like bed in leather

This freestanding double bed is undoubtedly a statement piece: black leather upholstery and an ergonomic structure create a refined alcove...

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The latest style trends for the bedroom

The new products recently presented at IMM Cologne confirm this trend: an oversized, ultra-soft headboard takes centre stage in the bedroom...

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Maison&Objet and HOMI: our favourites

Glass products with innovative shapes, cocoon-like designs inviting for total relax in and out, retro-inspired accessories as well as one-of-a-kind pieces: we’ve spotted at HOMI and Maison & Objet...


Wood and a dark colour palette: elegance in the kitchen

A large space with central island and floor-to-ceiling storage: the kitchen mixes elegance, functionality and sharp shapes to redesign conviviality’s space with a new allure.


A soothing bedroom in shades of sky-blue

A décor scheme for a bedroom with a soothing feel. This room perfectly combines soothing colours, filmy textiles and simple functionality.

Table settings

Healthy-hour is served

In white-and-blue: ceramic plates, bowls, trays and spoons are at the ready for your “healthy-hour”, a new type of cocktail-hour that replaces alcohol with healthy snacks.

Best Choice

An elegant update to your cosy corner

Oversized islands to gaze at the stars, retro-inspired armchairs with a sophisticated allure and sofas that project you to the fifties: IMM Cologne showcases the latest styles for living room décor...

Kids' room

A fully equipped bunk bed is the perfect space-saving idea

A standard bunk bed is an ideal space-saving piece. Besides, a bunk bed that includes storage bags and bookshelves is ideal for two siblings as it creates separate areas and bespoke compartments.