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Open-plan spaces: the kitchen goes in the… living room

Open-plan spaces can often be subdivided into two separate areas, and by doing so you optimize the space as a whole. Kitchens and living rooms are two very important spaces, they are the heart and soul of every home.


Hygge home: objects that bring happiness

In true form, we’ve just seen many interesting ideas at HOMI, but the latest trends are definitely what peaked our interest. And to be more precise, everything that revolves around the hygge home...


Taps: the latest styles

The latest taps of 2017 pair sculptural silhouettes with echoes of times gone by; this results in an extremely fresh take on neoclassical aesthetics as well as futuristic references.

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A home with the right ambience

It’s essential to enjoy living in your own home. Homes have always been a refuge from the outside world, a safe haven where you can find relief after a long stressful day. When we close the door behind us, we try to leave negative thoughts outside, as well as the stress of our day-to-day lives.


Cersaie 2017: marble is all the rage now

An ultra-luxe finish, liquid veining, elegant white-and-black aesthetics; this is the latest trend in the world of tiles, in other words marble. Marble-effect tiles to be more precise. In fact, we are talking about porcelain stoneware tiles that perfectly reproduce the material quality of marble, and retro-inspired aesthetics inspired by old-time aristocratic homes.


The right accessories for your coffee break

Without a doubt, you will all have a standard mocha at home (even people who prefer using an espresso machine). But, do you have the right accessories to serve a cup of coffee?

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What’s your floor? 12 examples to discover your personal style

Your choice of floor says a lot about your personality and who you are. It has to be in perfect harmony with you, because for many years to come it’s going to be the key stage where you’ll live your life as well as the backdrop for the rest of your furniture.


A veranda like a living room surrounded by nature

The ultra-large coral red sofa takes centre stage, and its deep seat and flat armrests invite you over for friendly and informal chats...