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Table settings

Christmas at the table

Get rid of the classic red and gold mise en place. The Christmas table is going with dreamy Nordic style with a white linen tablecloth and linear plates...

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Putting things in order… in style

Holed up inside, surrounded by an excessive number of objects and memories, we have decided to put the much-renowned concept of space-cleaning into practice.

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Exclusive design, just for fun

With Christmas and longer days spent at home right around the corner, the time has arrived to take the classic board games out of the closet...


The perfect ideas for working at home

Whether you need a home office or are just teleworking, in order to work well from home one surely needs to reorganize a room or at least set aside, if there is no study, a corner in the living room, bedroom or kitchen.

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New designer home fitness equipment

Turning a space at home into one’s own private fitness corner is the trend of 2020. Indeed, in this period home fitness is the only way to keep ourselves in shape...


The modern furnace gives a distinct touch to the living room

With a “total black” look, sinuous lines, a slender body and a decisive presence, the classic furnace rejuvenates traditional aesthetics and becomes a modern and bold piece of furniture.


The extra-large headboard restyles the bedroom

A bed with an extra-large headboard is really trendy because it allows one to define the entire style of the bedroom with only one detail.

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A mini-balcony, the new refuge from the cold

If the coming winter and the current public health emergency is keeping you indoors, don’t worry. Even a small, one-meter-square balcony can become a tiny, cozy and functional haven of relaxation.


Touches of black in a metropolitan bathroom

With austerity, simplicity and touches of character, this contemporary bathroom goes for metropolitan style and graphite accents...