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World of accessories

Vita Air, the portable air purifier

Clean air, always and everywhere. It’s not a utopia, but the result of the revolutionary, made-in-Italy Vita Air mini air purifier. Compact, light, innovative and easy-to-use, this little gem eliminates all pathogens in the environment, from viruses to bacteria and molds, in a short amount of time thanks to a powerful system of UV-C lamps.

World of accessories

Star Tap, Lavazza’s pure water

In addition to offering high-quality coffee, Lavazza can now provide us with a cold cup of water with a revolutionary system of the new Star Tap water dispenser from the group‘s brand Nims. At first sight it looks like a simple coffee machine and, in fact, this compact appliance does take little space; however, it contains state-of-the-art technology to provide us with cold still or sparkling water in just seconds.

World of accessories

Circle, a well-rounded breakfast

The stylist Alessandra Facchinetti is sending us an implicit invitation to ease into the day with her Circle tableware collection which she designed for Editions Milano. It provides us with a way to enjoy the early morning ritual (but also a coffee break or tea with friends) and “complete the circle” in an impeccable balance of form and elegance.

Materials and innovations

Ocean by Lanerossi, the plaid that comes from the sea

Super soft, light and 100% green, Lanerossi presents its vision of sustainability together with the Seaqual Initiative and introduces Ocean, the first plaid in recycled sea plastic. The plaid is brand-new and yet is a further confirmation of the philosophy of Lanerossi, which has always paid close attention to the environment and promoted and pursued all-round sustainability.

World of accessories

Wellbeing at breakfast with Eco Conscious Edition by Philips

To start the day out right you need a good and healthy breakfast which is in tune with nature. That’s why Philips has made its new Eco Conscious Edition with us and the environment in mind. It includes a toaster, electric kettle and coffee machine which are made in bio-polypropylene (BioPP), a bio-plastic obtained from kitchen oil waste.

World of accessories

Bulbi by Ethimo, totemic vases

Componibili, totemici, essenziali e scenografici. I nuovi vasi Bulbi, presentati a Maison&Objet da Ethimo, sono un concentrato “materico” di stile. Perché hanno tutta la forza del cemento, ma con una leggerezza grafica che rimanda a forme archetipiche eleganti e contemporanee.

World of accessories

Bimby® in black for true foodies

It’s well-known that black is the most elegant color. You can wear it on special occasions both indoors and outdoors. That’s why Bimby® has decided to celebrate the spring with a limited-edition Bimby® TM6 (this month only) of this multifunctional robot which will help us prepare our menus with a special touch.

World of accessories

Kartell Eyewear: un sguardo tutto nuovo al design

Spring is finally here, and we would like to welcome it like Kartell with our eyes towards the sun. Kartell is making its debut in the world of eyewear this season as it presents its collection of glasses and sunglasses designed by four great designers.

World of accessories

Scenografie by LATOXLATO, architecture in pots

With the arrival of spring, balconies, windowsills and rooms will be blooming with nature. However, no worries if you don’t have a green thumb; if chosen well, even an empty pot can become a striking piece of décor, like those of the new Scenografie collection from LATOxLATO—the innovative architectonic cachepots which provide a brand-new take on greenery.

World of accessories

Air Hub Portable, wellness is in the air

Clear air inside the home has become a priority for just about everyone. Faber, a leading company in the production of hoods, knows this very well, and today it is going beyond the confines of the kitchen to pursue all-round domestic wellness.