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401 È Amatrice, perfume 

| Designbest editorial staff


fragrance that tells a story of rebirth and redemption. A perfume that comes from the land, or rather from the ruins of a land torn apart by the earthquake. 401 È Amatrice is a new perfume that comes from the born from a brave idea by the Serafini family, owner of the Riflessi perfume shop- the oldest store of this kind in this town of the Lazio region, torn apart by the earthquake.

Marina and Roberto Serafini and their daughters Alessia and Domiziana have reacted to the tragedy that struck the town of Amatrice on the 24th August 2016 by devoting their new beginning to their land.

This where the idea of involving different people in this project came from, a way of paying tribute to their home town and giving a sign of hope. How? With a perfume inspired by the city itself and that soon became a symbol for a group effort, a collective rebirth.

The project was in fact developed by Vincenza Bufacchi, the director of the Confederazione Nazionale dell’Artigianato of Rieti (the local craftsmen association), in partnership with several professionals for the worlds of design and communication: the architects Angeletti and Ruzza, the master perfumer Lorenzo Dante Ferro, the famous photographer Giovanni Gastel and Katia Jorfida and Cristina Rota, who own the PR agency Rota&Jorfida. All these people have worked towards the same goal; this perfume demonstrates that the design industry can be a catalyst for change, helping a family to achieve something great.

Wrapped in thin ribbon, 401 È Amatrice is made from one hundred and forty different fragrances such as: orange, lemon and bergamot, fresh thyme, basil and santoreggia, dashes of gardenia and rose water, fine types of wood, mosse, spices and amber.

This unisex fragrance testifies to the strength of Amatrice who "is a lady and for this reason deserves only the best. It hasn’t been, neither will she be" Marina Serafini tells us. And this is where its name comes from: evocative and strong, 401 E' Amatrice is a real message of redemption and through its history (the project was developed in a few months) invites everyone to be confident about the future.

At the Triennale di Milano a retrospective was dedicated to this project, È Amatrice, il design di una nuova impresa (lit. È Amatrice, designing a new venture) and the people involved in this project come together to offer a message of hope: the hope that other people will start new projects and that Amatrice and the surrounding region will return to prosper once more.

Meanwhile, a desire for positivity and change fills the air.



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