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| Designbest editorial staff

Functional yet coquettish: this is Basket down to a tee, the newest flower-box by Fermob. Basket has a design inspired by traditional picnic baskets. And while you are carrying it, from the living room to the roof terrace, you can wear it like a bag in bloom.

  • What is it?Basket is a flower-box in metal, available in honey, poppy and aqua-green, or alternatively in one of the 24 colours in stock at Fermob. Resined with handles and stand.
  • What is special about it? Basket has a simple design, yet extremely comfortable. A tubular frame wraps around the structure, forming both stand and handles. And in this way, you can move it around with ease. 
  • How is it made?Basket is entirely made from aluminium, light-weight and extremely durable. Available in two different sizes and in large range of colours. What's more, it has a built-in drainage system, so water doesn't stagnate.
  • Who is it by?Fabio Meliota, a designer originally from Puglia, south Italy. Fabio Meliota's design style is defined by a simple and clean aesthetic: versatile, bold, refined and functional. What's more, he's come to our attention for the fun way in which he plays with simple ideas, adding an unconventional twist.
  • We have chosen it because... During summer, we like to see flowers in bloom, both indoors and out. This is why, we want to treat ourselves to this beautiful flower-box. Basket is definitely for you, even if you don't have a green thumb. You just need to carry it around with you, to be surrounded at all times by buds and flowers in bloom. 
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