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Diesis and Bemolle by Caimi Brevetti: fresh new acoustic panels

| Designbest editorial staff


on't ask me what this is, because I don't know...“ It was precisely Alessandro Mendini, to whisper this to us with a smile on his face. And it's not just a coincidence that Alessandro Mendini, renowned Italian designer, is the author of this “mysterious” piece.

This happened in Caimi Brevetti's stand, during this year's Salone del Mobile. This unexpected encounter took us behind the scenes of this unique and clever piece. We standing in front of a large colourful column with a draped curtain hung behind it; we were looking at it puzzled trying to find some answers. And Mendini, one of Italy's most iconic designers, appeared behind us almost by magic. “They asked me to make a little dress...”he said mischievously and with a touch of irony. We immediately understood what he was talking about: Caimi Brevetti asked him to design new pieces for 2015. However, it was still unclear what he was talking about. 

Finally, Mendini satisfied our curiosity and showed us a little pamphlet. Mystery solved: we were looking at two new acoustic designs,  Diesis and Bemolle (Italian for the musical accidental symbols Flat and Sharp), which include the new Snowsound-Fiber patented technology. In fact, Diesis and Bemolle are two innovative acoustic panels designed by Atelier Mendini, the design studio of the brothers  Alessandro and Francesco Mendini, in partnership with Caimi Brevetti. However, it's impossible to guess what these pieces are even after having taken a good look at them. In fact, their design is so original that it makes you think of anything but a conventional acoustic panel. “This is ground-breaking technology” Mendini assures us “each fold and each curve has been especially designed for maximum sound absorption. Nothing is left to chance, even the smallest detail”.

Diesis and Bemolle are upholstered in a soft polyester fabric reinforced by silver ions. And this is the “miracle and mystery” of this piece. What's more, the secrete of these panels lays in the interaction between design and the acoustic fibres, which have fire-retardant and bacteriostatic properties. This union has especially been studied to absorb, adjust and limit echoes. This fabric absorbs sounds depending on how it's placed and in fact, according to Mendini, this material is perfect for this putpose. What's more, the structural steel frame can even be mounted with additonal panels. Diesis and Bemolle can be placed anywhere you like, even in the middle of a room. It's precisely like a “little dress” you can wear anywhere you want. 

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