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Freitag, Tote Bag F719 MEL GRÜNGASSE 

| Designbest editorial staff


xclusive, artisanal, recycled and unique are four adjectives that describe this ideal bag. It is a concentration of high-quality craftsmanship and creativity, as each one is different from another and entirely handmade with old truck tarps; and it comes out exactly as we imagined it.


  • What it is Tote Bag F719 MEL GRÜNGASSE by Freitag, the designer DIY bag.
  • What makes it special It is a resistant, comfortable, unique and inimitable tote bag because it is completely custom made by recycling old truck tarps. Each piece is composed and assembled by hand according to our personal taste, for an infinite number of combinations. Just choose the right style and in an hour the brand’s expert artisans will create an exclusive and custom made bag for you.
  • How it is made It is a bag made up of pieces that get freely and artisanally assembled according to one’s own personal taste. The base is semi-processed and an off-white (leaning towards gray, beige or warm white) to which a colorful strap gets added that transforms the bag into backpack, followed by a circle made of truck tarp which, in addition to being decorative, offers a hidden external pouch. All the pieces are chosen by the client and cut by hand by the brand’s expert artisans. The clients have 30 minutes to choose, then the professionals in the stores sit down at the sewing machine and in an hour create a unique piece and matching coin purse. Alternatively, you can receive a bag directly at home. To make the bag of your dreams, you can sign up for live private sessions in store or via videocall on the site.
  • Whose idea it is Freitag, the Zurich brand founded by the graphic designers Markus and Daniel Freitag. Their project came about by chance from the desire to have a functional, waterproof and robust bag for their projects. Inspired by freight vehicles that passed along the highway in front of their house, the two brothers started to create the first Freitag bags, which were completely recycled and unique pieces. Today the brand’s headquarters are located in Zurich, and it boasts of 27 stores and over 300 dealers throughout the world.
  • We chose it because… Recycled and exclusive, this bag is an example how design can transform the art of recycling (and the principles of sustainability) into a bold, practical and, above all, inimitable style



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