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Zafferano and Distillerie Bonollo Umberto, OFLuce® lamp

| Designbest editorial staff


romantic atmosphere, suffused light, the intense and velvet of a prized grappa. Instead of the typical aperitivo, today we’d like to treat ourselves to a small, hedonistic dream.

The gift comes from two excellent companies, the Distillerie Bonollo Umberto and Zafferano, who have decided to come together to create a special accessory to “taste” with the eyes: OFLuce®.

Rechargeable, light, sophisticated and compact, the new wireless OFLuce® lamp is an ode to minimalist elegance that also contains the fascination of old candles. It is an impeccable object that is perfect in almost any space (even outdoors) and creates a suffuse, poetic atmosphere. It is a distillate of emotions, just like a Bonollo grappa, that turns every tasting into a unique, enveloping and intimate experience. That’s why it was this luxurious distillate brand who wanted to create an accessory uniting design and magic to frame their tastings. OFLuce® comes from a collaboration with Zafferano, a publicly traded lighting design company who is capable of creating emotions with light.

“Treating yourself to a moment of pleasure with a Grappa OF means immerging yourself in an exciting and intimate atmosphere where no detail should be left to chance. From the spirit to the glass, even the light is fundamental” remarked Elvio Bonello, Marketing Director of Distillerie Bonollo Umberto, which focuses mainly on bars and restaurants.

OFLuce® is a modern, handy and chic candle with an elegant total black look. It is also practical thanks to its rechargeable battery that ensures battery life up 13 hours and its touch system that allows one to turn it on and adjust its power. Plus, there is the necessary reference to the iconic Grappa OF Amarone Barrique Bonollo, on its bottlecap top. It is a lamp made for sensory experiences of pure hedonism.

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