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Caffè Trucillo, ESPRESSO PERFETTO Collection service

| Designbest editorial staff


The right numbers to expertly create an espresso are 7-9 grams of coffee, 25-30 ml of water between 92° and 96°, 25-30 seconds of preparation. The all-Italian coffee ritual is for everyone and yet it has precise rules which, let’s admit, we don’t always respect. That’s why Caffè Trucillo, the Italian company specialized in high-quality coffee, has decided to offer us a reminder with the ESPRESSO PERFETTO Collection service: six coffee cups decorated with the perfect dose of coffee, the right water temperature and pressure, the extraction time, the amount in the cup and its ideal temperature.

This fun and clever idea promises to provide us with a delicious espresso like the one we get at the café. Plus, in addition to writing down the perfect, each cup is patented to get the most out of the coffee’s qualities.

So, everyone ready for the most authentic coffee break? There is nothing left to do but choose your favorite blend and test the latest instructions on the cup.

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