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Lema, Air Cleaning System

| Designbest editorial staff


t’s always pleasant to open your wardrobe to find sweet-scented clothes, freshly laundered shirts and soft sweaters. But what if humidity and bad smells got the better of things? Not to worry, Air Cleaning System by Lema is here to lend a helping hand. At once, this cutting edge system removes over 90% of the bacteria, mould and polluting agents in our wardrobe.


  • What is it? Air Cleaning System by Lema is the patented system that sanitizes our wardrobe.
  • What is special about it? It sanitizes the wardrobe and removes the 90% of bacteria, mould and bad smells. As a result, your clothes will smell clean and fresh, as if freshly laundered.
  • How is it made? It’s a cutting edge system patented by Lema and especially designed for the brand’s Armadi al Centimetro collection. Place Air Cleaning System at the bottom of your wardrobe and it will disinfect it and remove bacteria and bad smells. This is all down to PCO technology (photocatalytic Oxidation, in other words it uses the same kind of technology that was developed to clean space shuttles), which once activated interacts with bacteria, moulds and polluting agents neutralizing them with nanotechnology and a special UV lamp. The system relies on a natural principle that purifies the interior of the wardrobe through a photochemical process, removing more than 90% of bad smells on clothes and shoes.
  • Who is it by? Lema is a leading brand on the Italian interior design scene, known for its wardrobe design (Lema was the first Italian firm to design a modular structural frame in several finishes as well as a tailor-made wardrobe). Throughout the years, Lema has combined innovation with traditional, creating innovative superior quality products, a true example of Made in Italy design.
  • We have chosen it because…  What about the scented bags you can hang on your clothes hangers, scented lining paper and the scented cedar balls for your drawers? We are really spoilt for choice, there are many scents to choose from, but it’s often difficult to find exactly what you want. And there never seems to be enough. Well, now all your troubles are over: Air Cleaning System by Lema will keep your wardrobe clean and fresh. Simple yet brilliant.


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