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  4. Air up presents the new exclusive Air Up System water bottle which uses the principles of neuroscience to naturally make the perception of pure water tastier, as if it were a drink.
| Designbest editorial staff


an a simple water bottle turn into an enjoyable and tasty accessory? Of course, if neuroscience steps in and turns drinking water into a genuine olfactory experience made for our wellness.


  • What it is Air up system, the new water bottle which utilizes neuroscience.
  • What makes it special At first glance it just seems like any other water bottle, but it actually conceals a secret. Thanks to its different flavor pods, the water inside seems flavorful like a beverage, and yet it is just water! This is all due to neuroscience. By applying a pod of your favorite flavor to the bottle’s nozzle, molecules get released into the air which reach the mouth while we sip the water. The smell “tricks” the brain which perceives the water as if it were a beverage. If we choose a fruity flavor, for example, it will feel like we are drinking tea or juice; and if we go for coffee flavor, it will be like drinking cold coffee.
  • How it is made It is a reusable water bottle which takes advantage of neuroscientific principals to allow us to hydrate ourselves more and with flavor. Thanks to a simple yet brilliant system, the water bottle adds taste to the water by simulating various flavors. An aromatic pod of our choice gets added to the water bottle (including coffee, lime, watermelon, pear, peach, cherry, cola and others) which uses the pressure on the nozzle to release molecules in the air which join the water inside the mouth. The smell “tricks” the brain, which experiences the water as if it were a beverage. What we call a flavor is nothing other than the integration of chemical and electrical stimulants into our cerebral cortex. These stimuli mostly arrive from retronasal olfactory cells in the oral cavity which pick up the molecules in the air, sending information to the brain which interprets them as flavor.
  • Whose idea it is Air up was listed as one of the 25 fastest growing start-ups in Germany in 2020 and one of the 10 most innovative small businesses in 2021. Lena Jüngst, the co-founder of air up explains its success like this: “we knew that our idea had potential, but we would have never imagined this amount of success. With our product we evidently hit a nerve and now we are just keeping up with the demand. We are proud to demonstrate that the right idea and the right amount of pragmatism can really change things.” Indeed, Air up’s mission is revolutionizing the beverage world and proof that health and sustainability can be economically attractive. The team of 170 employees has already successfully reached the German, French, Belgian, Dutch, Swiss, British, Luxembourg and Italian markets.
  • We chose it because… It is a creative and impactful wellness solution which cleverly, tastily and naturally responds to an everyday need. It is fit for any and all situations. Plus, this water bottle considers our wellness as it incentives us to hydrate ourselves while reducing consumption of sugary drinks, without giving up on taste. The aromatic pods have aromatized more than 85 millions liters of water, saving over 85 1-liter plastic bottles and reducing the consumption of over 2,465 tons of sugar.



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