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Aboutwater by Boffi - Fantini, collection AK/25

| Designbest editorial staff


oorknob more than tap, however AK/25 by Korean designer Paik Sun Kim and launched during the 2017 Salone del Mobile is predicted to become one of the key players on the scene. AK/25 by Aboutwater for Boffi and Fantini has a streamlined silhouette, plus it offers a unique user experience. 

  • What is it? AK/25 is the latest tap by Aboutwater for Boffi and Fantini.
  • What is special about it? AK/25 has a streamlined silhouette, which results from assembling different shapes together; this is how it stands out from its competition. AK/25 could almost be mistaken for a metal rod, but you just need to turn it to find an ultra-modern tap.
  • How is it made? AK/25 has a streamlined silhouette and a revolving unit fitted onto a knob; this forms a single piece when not in use. Turn the spout and knob concealed below to open the tap; this controls hot and cold water.
  • Who is it by? Korean architect and designer Paik Sun Kim is known for his poetic design style. Paik Sun Kim draws from his background in oriental painting, and his projects bring together oriental philosophy with modern athletics, art and the natural world.
  • We have chosen it because‚Ķ Throughout the years, taps have come out in many different styles: round, sculptural, curved, brilliant and colourful, but none have been as extraordinary as AK/25. AK/25 by Aboutwater could be anything but a tap, yet it carries water like a real professional: perfect flow, antiseptic and drip-proof technology and streamlined cutting edge aesthetics. 
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