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Alessi, set Giro Kids - design UNStudio - Ben van Berkel

| Designbest editorial staff


giraffe, a dog, a table set and a bundle of joy. Alessi has thought about the little ones and entrusted Ben Van Berkel, the Dutch architect of UNStudio, the task of designing two important moments of their day: food and playtime.

The result is playful, imaginative and educational in the “baby world” by Alessi, whose small collection includes a piece of furniture and table set. On the one hand, there is a new and inseparable playmate in the giraffe/dog Doraff; and on the other, the Giro Kids collection table set that teaches the little ones how to eat just like adults.

Design becomes the perfect vehicle to help children explore the world whilst enjoying themselves in safety. Doraff, the 100% recyclable thermoplastic resin chair is robust and colorful and can be flipped over and ridden to invent tons of new games. Then, as needed, it also turns into a comfortable little table for painting or snack time.

While for lunch there is the Giro Kids Collection, the table set made up of a plate and an unbreakable and multicolored bowl and glass. They are combined with ergonomic silver cutlery which have been studied to help children get familiar with eating. In this way, the oft-difficult moment of food time becomes an exciting game where the kids can learn how to eat on their own.

A tiny collection that even grown-ups will enjoy as it perfectly reflects the spirit of Alessi, whose designs give life to the imagination of the newest generations and continue to open doors to newer worlds.


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