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Alessi, cutlery set Dry

| Designbest editorial staff


years old; this is how old Achille Castiglioni would be today. This important anniversary celebrates the birth of a legendary Italian designer and Alessi has decided to pay tribute by re-editing several of his iconic pieces.

The partnership between Alessi and Achille Castiglioni goes a while back (Achille and Alberto Alessi first met in 1980) and throughout the years it gave life to many best-sellers, including several cult designs.

To mark this occasion, Alessi has decided to bring back into production three iconic designs by Achille Castiglioni: the Dry cutlery set, designed in 1982 and re-edited in a special copper finish; several items of the Bavero coffee set brought back in their original version as well as a copper-finish; the AC04 fruit bowl/colander by Officina Alessi re-edited in a copper finish in a limited edition of 999 pieces.

“According to Castiglioni, objects must answer to two main requirements” Alberto Alessi explains “resolve problems in a practical way when sitting at the table, when possible with smart functional innovation as well as satisfying the public’s taste”. Captivated by anonymous objects, everyday pieces, Castiglioni was known for coming up with extraordinary, practical and brilliant ideas. And they were shiny too: “Cinc ghèi pussée, ma luster – five lire, but shiny” he was known to say in Milanese dialect.

Playfulness, irony and fun: these were Castiglioni’s prerogatives, the same that found favour with Alessi and that were at the foundation of the long-standing fruitful partnership between the two.

Through Anchille Castiglioni’s brilliant designs, these are the same qualities that surprise and captivate us to date.


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