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rchivia is a range of diaries, notepads and notebooks, designed for the urban story teller. Each book has a lot of interesting facts about design and architecture and many blank spaces for thoughts and sketches. The artwork, found leafing through each page, is like a gift for today's creative thinker.

What are they? Archivia are a small family of design-inspired notebooks and items of stationery. Matching bags are also available.

What is special about them? Each notepad has a theme, inspired by a specific designer. The succession of blank pages is broken-up by black-and-white photographs and reproductions of sketches by famous designers and architects. Each page has hand-written numbers and captions in both English and Italian.

How are they made? Archivia is inspired by the appearance of more conventional notepads; cardboard sleeves and lined pages.

Who is it by? Matteo Migliorini and Giulia Pellegrino. Matteo is an architect and creative thinker. Giulia is a furniture restorer, used to working with other architects and designers. Both of them have a keen interest in architecture and designing stationery.

We have chosen them because... We all need something to write on. All items from the Archivia range are both useful and pretty. They also teach us about contemporary architecture and design, helped by different visual and creative aids. Archivia is definitely for you, if you want to write with a touch of class anything from your memories to the shopping list.


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