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Giorgetti, dumbbells set Ares - design Sara Ricciardi

| Designbest editorial staff


his is definitely something for the design aesthetes, the people who appreciate the perfect form and those who are enthusiastic about simple beauty. What are we talking about? The new dumbbells designed by Sara Ricciardi: simple, sophisticated and innovative. The perfect style exercises, from form to matter.


  • What is it Ares by Giorgetti, exercise dumbbells made of different materials.
  • What is special All the pieces are exactly of the same size, yet they are in different materials: each material corresponds to a different weight. Simple and chic.
  • How is it made All the pieces are made of different materials (yet in the same size): brass, copper, stone, ebony, onyx, Nero Marquina, Portuguese rose and golden stone. Every material weights differently. Every dumbbell is sold in a dark-brown wooden box.
  • Who is it by Born in Benevento,the twenty eight year old designer Sara Ricciardi is a founding partner of the brand La Lattoneria. Sara has already made a name for herself for constantly trying to push the boundaries of conventional design (without turning down everyday practicality). For Ares, she teamed up with Centro Ricerche Giorgetti.
  • We have chosen it because… Ares by Giorgetti has a crisp, pure aesthetic and sophisticated materials that increase their level of practicality: every dumbbell corresponds to a different exercise (and weight too). Simple and they are so beautiful that you will want to use them right away. When you say the weight of design…


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