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Cea Design, fan with an integrated air purifier, music diffuser and light Ariachiara 

| Designbest editorial staff


hree simple blades that hide a groundbreaking system. This is the perfect fan: in addition to its impeccable, sophisticated style, it purifies the air, diffuses music and lights up the room. Besides, it creates the perfect feel.


  • What is it Ariachiara by Cea Design, is a fan with an integrated air purifier, music diffuser and light.  
  • What is special It’s minimal design evokes a standard fan. However, its blades hide a groundbreaking system with many integrated features: ionization that purifies the air and eliminates bad odours too, adjustable lighting for direct and indirect light and a sound diffuser for your favourite tunes. Ariachiara is a decorative object that crates the perfect environment too.
  • How is it made It’s made of wood and steel and the blades are in carbon-fibre, clad in Canaletto walnut veneer or alternatively painted matt white or black. Its ceiling anchorage system includes the engine, the control unit and an integrated system with several features: sanitation, ionization, lighting and music. Besides working as a standard fan in fact, it has integrated lighting that works as a direct and indirect light, it works as a wireless speaker and plays music from your Smartphone and with its ionization system, it eliminates bad odours and bacteria, purifying the air.
  • Who is it by The founding partner of Cea Design (with wife Roberta Bertacco), Natalino Malasorti oversees the brand’s product development. Since it started in 2007 and thanks to an aptitude towards technology and research, Cea Design has made a name for itself for its futuristic products, especially designed for bathrooms. The brand’s products combine design, style, technical innovation and a conscious effort to safeguard the environment.
  • We have chosen it because…  In its minimal aesthetic, Ariachiara by Cea Design hides an innovative heart. Besides, this apparently simple fan creates the perfect environment: lighting, clean air and your favourite music.


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