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Budri, collection Bangle - design Cristina Celestino

| Designbest editorial staff


magine a sculptural stack of overlapping bracelets and there will be Cristina Celestino’s new collection elegant, fashionable and unexpected marble and precious stone vases.

  • What it is Bangle by Budri, marble and precious stone bijou vases.
  • What makes it special They come from the designer’s passion for d’antan jewelry, in this case for classic bangles, rigid bakelite bracelets. The result is a chic and contemporary vase collection.
  • How it is made They are made of marble and precious stones with various geometries and colors which create unexpected microarchitectures. Each vase is made in a perfect marriage of craftsmanship and advanced technology. They alternate veined marble such as Rain Forest Green, Rosso Barocco and Azul Macaubas to solid ones for a “color block” effect—Giallo Noce and Nero Assoluto combined in turn with semi-transparent onyx. The only “soloist” is the light-toned monochromatic vase made completely with Onice Blanco and Onice Carrara. Bangle’s iconic vase in Bianco Carrara, Bianco Statuario and Emerald Green is decorated by a special microprocess which aspires to the textures of bakelite bracelets. The collection also includes jewelry boxes and a tray made in Emerald Green and Onice Miele inspired by d’antan bakelite buttons.
  • Whose idea it is Cristina Celestino, architect and designer born in 1980 in Pordenone. After graduating in 2005 in Venice, she found her furniture brand Attico Design in 2009. Today she collaborates with the most important design brands, from design work to creative direction. Her eclectic and creative style often reflects her passion for art and jewelry (as one can see in this collection).
  • We chose it because… We have seen plenty of elegant sculptural vases, but these ones were able to surprise and win us over immediately. They are glamorous, precious, unique and contemporary with all the appeal of haute couture accessories.


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