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Moroni Gomma, collection Beija Flor

| Designbest editorial staff


re you familiar with azulejos tiles? Yes, exactly those traditional Portuguese tiles decorated with intricate geometric patterns. With Beija Flor for Moroni Gomma, you can now stick them on and peel them off wherever you want, be it the bathroom, kitchen, living room and even on your dining table. Beija Flor for Moroni Gomma is a new line of vinyl pieces, which includes carpets, place mats, heat-resistant mats and table runners.  


What is it? Beija Flor for Moroni Gomma is a line of vinyl pieces.

What is special about it? This line is inspired by traditional Portuguese azulejos tiles and using vinyl, gives them a modern twist. Beija Flor for Moroni Gomma is a comprehensive line of pretty yet functional pieces, extremely easy to keep clean and without a doubt, they’ll add a unique touch to your home.

How is it made? Each piece is manufactured from vinyl tiles, printed with geometric patterns, which draw on traditional azulejos tiles.

Who is it by? Young Israeli brand Beija Flor designs and manufactures pieces using vinyl. Pieces by this brand have vintage-inspired aesthetics, yet extremely current.

We have chosen it because… Be it a carpet, a place mat or self-adhesive tiles, with just one piece (yes, you only need one) you can give a quick makeover to any room in your home. What’s more, these azulejos tiles add a warm feel to any space and keep-up that holiday vibe.


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