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Bang & Olufsen - Saint Laurent, speaker Beoplay A1 in Mirror Black

| Designbest editorial staff


re you ready for your holidays? With a crystal-clear sound, this pocket-size speaker is suitcase ready: the perfect blend of design, power, practicality and it’s glamorous too.


  • What is it Beoplay A1 by Bang & Olufsen and Saint Laurent, is a new portable speaker.
  • What is special It’s designed by a high-fashion brand (it’s made by Saint Laurent) in a limited-edition and it’s so tiny that it fits inside the palm of your hand, although it’s so powerful that you are able to use it wherever you want, outdoors too. This is all thanks to its top-quality audio-technology and practical Bluetooth system.
  • How is it made In black anodized aluminium with the exclusive Saint Laurent logo, it has an extremely compact design (it fits inside the palm of your hand) with Bluetooth too. Available in Mirror Black and Golden Tone, Beoplay A1 has the Saint Lauren logo in glossy black and a label with the same logo in anodized aluminium, available in either a glossy black or golden finish. Besides, it has a life of 24 hours (you are able to recharge it with a Usb socket). It’s part of a limited-edition series, sold exclusively in the Saint Laurent stores in Paris, Rodeo Drive and Los Angeles or alternatively on-line. There’s an additional freestanding version, Beoplay A9.
  • Who is it by Bang & Olufsen is a Danish manufacturer of top quality hi-fi and TV systems. Started in 1925 by Peter Bang e Svend Olufsen, the firm is best known for its cutting-edge technology as well as its refined aesthetic and unique style.
  • We have chosen it because… Top quality, versatility and unique elegance. This pocket-size speaker is a must-have for authentic design addicts and sound purists. It’s suitcase ready too.


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