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Candy, washing machine Bianca

| Designbest editorial staff


an I wash these two garments together? What temperature should I be washing silk at? Should I go for a strong or a delicate spin cycle?” So many doubts in front of the washing machine. Until yesterday. In fact from today, Bianca by Candy is able to answer to all of our questions. Bianca is the latest smart washing machine by Candy that talks to us (in Italian).


  • What is it? Bianca by Candy is a new smart washing machine that talks to you.  
  • What is special about it? Smart and above all it talks to. Candy has teamed up with Google to develop a virtual assistant: through our Smartphone, our washing machine will answer (using its own voice) to all of our questions and will help us to wash the perfect load.
  • How is it made? It connects to your Smartphone via the Candy simply-Fi App (for Android and iOS) and a virtual assistant (adopted for washing machines for the first time) talsk to us and answers to all the questions we may have on what program should we choose, from special cycles to finding the most appropriate spin cycle for us. Bianca is fitted with a standard knob as well as a round display touch, especially designed to answer all your questions as well as asking some of her own questions before you start, making sure it finds the perfect settings. Furthermore, Bianca is fitted with Zoom, a special mode that enables you to make a Class A wash in 59 minutes with any cycle and for any type of fabric.
  • Who is it by? The Italian brand Candy has made of smart domestic appliances its strong suit. Candy’s first success goes as far back as 1945, the year when the brand manufactured the first washing machine in Italy followed by the first front washing machine that came out in the late fifties. Nowadays, Candy is a world-class brand that manufactures built-in or freestanding appliances, innovative yet easy to use and affordable.
  • We have chosen it because…  It’s smart, easy to use, powerful and even patient. Bianca is more like a home-help than a conventional washing machine: precise with her work and tireless, it answers to any questions, it helps us save time and to take care of our favourite garments. And Bianca never gets tired.


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