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Cappellini, Blue Candleholders

| Designbest editorial staff


urved silhouettes and bright colours; this is Blue Candleholders by Cappellini, a fresh new take on traditional candelabra. So, why don’t you replace the conventional silver candelabra with these modern “totem-poles”. This year, Christmas will be in a new light.


  • What is it? Blue Candleholders by Cappellini are metal candleholders.
  • What’s special about it? It has a delicate streamlined silhouette, which makes it an extremely elegant and sophisticated piece. Plus, the candleholder’s unique shade of indigo will add the perfect touch to your Christmas table.
  • How is it made? It’s in metal and sheet metal with a base in oak veneer. Part of the Progetto Oggetto series.
  • Who is it by? Dariel Studio was started in 2006 in Shanghai by the French designer Thomas Dariel. Dariel Studio has a wide ranging production that includes hospitality facilities, offices and residential buildings. Plus, Dariel Studio is present every step of the way from the initial concept stage to final construction. What’s Dariel Studio’s strong suit? Raw creativity channelled into simple yet original designs.
  • We have chosen it because… Did you know that indigo blue is the colour that symbolizes spirituality, that awakens your Chakra and improves your mood too? This is enough for us to agree that it’s the perfect colour for a candleholder. And if paired with a delicate silhouette too, we can safely agree that it’s style is a winner.


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